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  1. Re: To Pump Wean or Not to Pump Wean? When were you ready?

    I came on here to basically write what you posted, mummy2lolo! So glad to read your post. My son is 16.5 months, and I went back to work at 12 months. I used to pump 3x/day but realised that when I...
  2. Re: 2.5 yo is the worst sleeper ever! want to wean.

    Yep, you definitely aren't alone, I'm right there too. I have been starting to question my parenting choices (attachment parenting style is what came naturally to us) and cursing Dr Sears but I to...
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    Re: Advice on how much milk my 1 YO needs?

    Wow, I could have written your post myself! I came on here with the same questions, and pretty much the same scenario, except my 13 month old doesn't drink quite as much as your babe when he's with...
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    Re: Babe pulling off in middle of nursin

    Thanks for the feedback all. I tried the Tylenol (which helped when he was teething before) but no change. I don't think it's teething b/c he's got 8 already, and I don't feel anything on his gums....
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    Babe pulling off in middle of nursing

    My 10 mo old (corrected age 8.5 mo) has started pulling off while nursing, upset - seeming more mad or frustrated than sad - whines a bit, arches back, then latches back on without a fuss. I don't...
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    Re: Pic I just have to share.....

    Yay you! Fantastic! And love the supportive hub:o)
  7. Re: Frequent night waking for a co-sleep

    Thanks for the tips, but I first thought it was b/c he was teething (5 came through at once), then thought it was a growth spurt, then b/c I was at my parents place for a week, then b/c we were in...
  8. Frequent night waking for a co-sleeper

    Hi all,
    For the past 1-2 months my now 10 month old has started waking up every 2-2.5 hours at night, and won't fall back asleep with just rubbing/patting his back, shhh-ing, etc, he has to be...
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