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  1. Five month-old still poops during every feed

    DD is exclusively breast-fed and has always been pretty frequent with ber bowel movements. Eventually, she started slowing down a bit to around one or two (big ones) a day at about three months or...
  2. Re: Baby sticks thumb in mouth during breastfeeding

    Thanks for your replies ... I'm glad to see this seems to be a not uncommon phenomenon. She is changing so quickly, it's a quirk a day ...
  3. Baby sticks thumb in mouth during breastfeeding

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. For the past week or so, my five month old daughter has started to stick her thumb (or sometimes fingers) in her mouth WHILE she is...
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    Flailing around while on the breast - help!

    For the past week, my nine-week old has started flailing around violently around 5-10 minutes into her feed. She jerks her head with the nipple in her mouth and rubs her eyes/pulls her ears/punches...
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