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  1. Re: Does a shallow latch really get bett

    I think the PP's have said good stuff. It will get easier - especially as your baby gets older and starts moving on her own. It can become more like a gymnastics routine ;)

    I just want to...
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    Re: Diflucan-Thrush Questions

    I don't know a lot about diflucan, unfortunately. But my 2nd LO and I had a LONG battle with thrush and the thing no one told me until the very end was you have to keep using whatever medications...
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    Re: Drowning my baby in milk!

    It's true that it's possible to decrease your supply too much, but right now your prolactin levels are still sky rocketing and your body is in "make more" mode so if you do run into this problem...
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    Re: Drowning my baby in milk!

    Ohhhh, I feel for you. I have had oversupply problems with all 4 of my babies. It's so sad to drown those little ones, isn't it? For me, my body always slows down and regulates at about 3 and a...
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    Re: Do SAHM's pump?

    I am a SAHM and pump on occasion. Usually when I want to go out with DH or have an obligation with one of my other children and want to be able to leave LO at home with DH so I can focus on one of...
  6. Re: Pumping to have a little extra....

    Do you have the electric ameda purely yours pump that does both sides at once? I always liked that one. I have the medela hospital grade one now and I can't say that it's significantly more...
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    Re: There is no more milk, baby!

    Oh, you must be exhausted! I went through this with my 1st baby. I NEVER needed to put a shirt on. Ever. I did eventually figure out that he just wanted to suck and snuggle more than he wanted...
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    Re: fussy nurser/slow let down

    I was having the same problem last week. Only it took up to 6 minutes to let down!! Needless to say my 5 month old was not excited about that. AT. ALL. I had lots of advice, but what worked best...
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    Re: Freakin' out for no reason...

    Yay!! I'm glad it went so well. Nothing quite like in person reassurance to put a smile on your face. Keep loving and enjoying that LO. Time flies so fast, she'll be grown up and big before you...
  10. Re: Ever wish you could go back in time?

    I wish I could go back and tell the OB I was seeing for infertility who asked why I was even trying to get pregnant and if my husband knew "he was only around for breeding purposes" that she probably...
  11. Re: Quick Question about Sidelaying

    Sidelaying was the way I first learned to BF after a c-section made it difficult to sit up right away. I've nursed all 4 of my babies using a sidelaying position often and found their latch to be...
  12. Re: Sad about approaching 6 months/solid

    Oh yes, for me the end of every era is bittersweet. My 3rd is about to start Kindergarten and I'm just choosing not to think about it :( My 4th and last baby is 5 months 5 days and definitely ready...
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    Re: Freakin' out for no reason...

    First, I think eating only once or twice between 4pm and 12am can be perfectly normal at this age. Are you 100% positive she isn't eating efficiently? Often around 3 months babies get more...
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    Re: sterilizing question...

    I'm the same way. I sterilize when I purchase and then just wash in the dishwasher with the rest of the family dishes. I don't think kids get enough opportunities to build their antibodies and...
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    Re: What to do???

    Here is the super scientific explanation of block feeding: http://www.internationalbreastfeedingjournal.com/content/2/1/11
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    Re: What to do???

    Sounds like a classic case of o/s to me. You have very energetic breasts. I do too. Same thing happens to me with every baby for the first 4 months. 3 hour blocks may not be long enough because...
  17. Re: Baby Arching Back All the Time

    I think there's a good chance he just got a little tummy bug somehow. My 4 month old picked one up and was throwing up for a couple of days, but it went away and all was fine. If you haven't...
  18. Re: Baby Arching Back All the Time

    Definitely look into the reflux if he seems to be in pain. The increase in diapers may be a sign too. However on another note, my baby learned very early on that if he arches his back he gets...
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    Too stressed to let down!!

    Please help. My 5 month old just ended a week+ long nursing strike yesterda! Yay!! But now Iam absolutely PARANOID that if I don't let down as soon as he latches on, he's going to start the strike...
  20. Re: Breastmilk vs formula amounts

    Interesting, I didn't realize breast milk continued to change after the first few weeks. That would certainly explain a slow down. Thank you for your responses. I'm going to keep trying to...
  21. Breastmilk vs formula amounts

    Does anyone know how breastmilk compares to formula in terms of how much a baby needs? I'm reading here and on Kellymom that my 5 month old would need somewhere between 19 and 30 oz of breastmilk. ...
  22. Re: Length of Feed - Need affirmation pl

    My first baby was like that too. After a couple of months he started eating really quickly and only on one side at a time. He was the fattest, happiest, healthiest baby I've ever seen though. I...
  23. Re: Please Help! Sick Baby diminished su

    Thank you all for your responses. I really appreciate the support and ideas from all of you. I'm emotional because I love breastfeeding, but this baby has been the hardest of my 4 and it's likely...
  24. Re: Please Help! Sick Baby diminished su

    Thank you for your response. It's a good idea. I think I'll try it. **But if he does refuse, won't that defeat the purpose of trying to increase my supply? I wish I could be sure I had enough...
  25. Please Help! Sick Baby diminished supply

    Even though my baby is 5 months old, I'm new to low supply problems. In the beginning I had big oversupply issues. I spent 3 months trying to slow down to a good level for my poor baby who was...
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