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    Re: Fussy at the breast

    I have yet to start my period. Maybe it's comeing? I have no signs of it yet.:shrug

    I will check out that post. It could be like you said, too many distractions.
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    Fussy at the breast

    My 4 month old for the last month has been fussy at the breast. She'll latch on and let go several times. I don't know if it's the position she doesn't like or what it is. I change her position and...
  3. Re: I'm so tired! Could something be wrong?

    Thanks! I will have her check it again. My mom and my sister both have hypothyroidism so it's possible!
  4. Re: I'm so tired! Could something be wrong?

    Wow! Thanks ladies! So much help here.

    Just a little info. During my last pregnancy my Dr. told me I have mild anemia. She told me to continue my prenatals and extra iron suppliment. I have not...
  5. I'm so tired! Could something be wrong?

    I have been soooo tired during the day. I get enough hours of sleep at night but they are broken up. My LO who is almost 4 months old is up every 2 to 3 hours at night. During the day I just can't...
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    Re: Dr. says I need to give LO vitamins

    Thank you ladies so much! :hug
    It really made me angry that she was making me feel bad and pressuring me to give her vitamins.
    Of course all mom's want to do the best for their babies as possibly...
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    Dr. says I need to give LO vitamins

    When we took LO to her 2 week check up, her pediatrician said to give her Tri-vi-sol because she doesn't get enough in my breastmilk. I started giving it to her and she HATED it. She would throw her...
  8. Re: Active Letdown and Tongue Clicking

    My LO one does the same thing, a good latch and then the clicking. :ita
    Expressing a bit does help me, but that's because my milk comes out too quickly.
    It sounds like he is just loosing his good...
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    10 minute feedings

    Since LO who is 7 weeks old now was born, she only feeds fro 10 minutes at a time. She rarely if ever, feeds for longer. She seems to be growing well and having enough wet diapers.

    Should I try...
  10. Re: Active Letdown and Tongue Clicking

    My LO is also 7 weeks old and she clicks sometimes. I have an overactive let down as well. I notices she does the clicking when she doesn't have enough of my nipple in her mouth and she is loosing...
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    Re: Is my baby constipated?

    I'm so glad for this post!
    My 7 week old hasn't gone in a day and a half and I was getting so worried. I am used to several times a day BMs.
    I feel so much better. Thanks ladies!:D
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    Re: Vitamin Supplement?

    We were told also to give the vitamin suppliment. My LO HATES it and chokes on it. :(
    I mean, is it nessisary?:confused:
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    Re: Breastfeeding and C-section

    If you can't get a boppy, use a body pillow. I used them with each baby. :ita
  14. Re: baby prefers bottle after having to pump, any suggestions?

    I was going to suggest co-sleeping as well.

    You and baby will sleep better and so will your DH. My DH with our first wasn't supportive and I gave up BF and I was just heartbroken. I still feel...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and C-section

    My LO was delivered by C-section(my 3rd one) almost 5 weeks ago and we are still going strong. I also FF my first two daughters. I tried to BF my first and only last 2 weeks because I didn't have any...
  16. Re: When can I indtroduce a bottle when I'm away?

    We've tried just about all the pacis out there. My friend in Belgium sent me 2 pacis, they are NUK, but it's called "bibi". It's the only ones she will take.

    I've never heard of using a dropper....
  17. Re: When can I indtroduce a bottle when I'm away?

    She has an excellent latch. A bit too good sometimes. lol.
    She will take a paci from my DH but not from me. She really doesn't like them.

    Thats a good idea about the having DH feed her from a...
  18. Re: Cuts and slits in nipples.....large breasted.

    I just had my LO 4 weeks ago and I am still a little sore, but not too bad. Plus I have 46J's, so I know where you are coming from. Positioning is a little tricky with large ones. I use the...
  19. When can I indtroduce a bottle when I'm away?

    My LO is a month old and it's getting pretty difficult to go out let alone someone watching her. When can I start pumping into bottles for her? I really don't want her to get attached to bottles. I...
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    My friend had her baby a little over a week ago and her baby had juandice. Her milk hadn't come in yet so the Dr.'s told her to bottle feed the baby. The baby is fine now, but she only wants the...
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    Newborn help, please!

    I just had my baby girl on the 23rd :love.

    She only eats every 3-4 hours and only 10-15 minutes on the breast. I try my best to wake her to eat more, but she won't wake up and doesn't act hungry...
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    Re: What if...

    My mom was telling me the other day that when my sister was 6 months, she weaned herself, but refused a bottle. My mom was worried about nutrition and made her drink from a cup, which she didn't want...
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    Re: How old is too old to breastfeed?

    She and her DH have 50/50 custody. They have been married 3 years and together 5 1/2 years and there have been battles back and forth over custody. She is worried that this is inhibiting her to...
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    Re: Breastfeeding Charts?

    You know, the charts you have for when you breastfed, for how long, how many poopy diapers, wet diapers, etc. :D
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    How old is too old to breastfeed?

    I have a friend who's a step mom to a 6 year old little girl and her birth mom still is breastfeeding her. She wants to know if this is still healthy. The little girl says her mom doesn't produce...
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