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  1. Re: Gag reflex really strong in 7.5 month old

    I'd back off on solids and try again in several weeks (or a month). There is a very broad range of "normal" in babies. My #1 really didn't decide to eat solids until he was about 8.5mo or so old.
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    Re: BLS at DCP

    We did BLS at home and at day care.

    We experimented with trying new foods at home.

    Then ONLY sent to DCP foods that baby had "mastered" - did a good job feeding himself.

    DCP thought I was a...
  3. Re: Starting baby food with my 5 month old

    At 5 mo old - I gave my babies an empty bowl and spoon to play with during meals (babie weren't eating yet but were at the table with us during meal times).

    Another big fan here of doing "baby...
  4. Re: New mom, Starting solids, right and wrong?

    At this age breastfeeding / bottles should be FIRST and then offer solids after.

    Even very young babies will communicate VERY clearly if they want more food (leaning forward, opening mouth,...
  5. Re: Pumping Weaning upon return to offic

    I'd taper down pumping sessions - pump for shorter amount of time. This will help your body get the message *gradually* to decrease supply.
  6. Re: What if I stop pumping at 12 months?

    Yep - I pump weaned when my LO were a little more than 1 year old and went on to nurse both until they were more than 2 years old. It takes awhile but your supply does adjust.
  7. Re: Beginners at solids...what am I doin

    my thoughts
    1) there is no need to feed baby "baby cereal"
    2) there is no need to spoon feed baby

    both of my LO absolutely refused to be fed - they were all about self feeding from the start
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    Re: Older toddler and drinking water

    I'd keep an eye on frequency & color of pee. As long as pee is light or clear kid is plenty hydrated.

    Our kids have water freely accessible throughout the day and they can drink whenever they...
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    Re: My milk tastes nasty

    I agree that it's probably lipase. The best "test" is scalding a batch and seeing if that cures the nasty taste.

    :hug I've been there and having a freezer stash that was all "bad".
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    Re: Pump in style vs. Freestyle?

    I've use both and thought the performance was similar. For me a big "plus" for the freestyle is the small size, portability & running off a rechargeable battery.
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    Re: Ugh! Allergies!

    Very glad to hear that you have an appointment with an allergist!

    Some suggestions:
    - absolutely definitely eliminate ALL dairy in ALL forms from BOTH your and baby's diet!
    - when you go to the...
  12. Re: antibiotics and protecting lo from t

    Yes - you can mix probiotic powder in a little breastmilk and give it to baby using a medicine dropper.
  13. Re: Pedi is "meh" about nursing past 1 y

    It is legit for a pediatrician to be concerned about nutrition and things like getting enough calcium. Whether your baby gets that from breastmilk or other sources is really not any of the doc's...
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    Re: BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

    Yep - recommendations about delaying allergenic foods has changed very recently.

    Hummus - I'd introduce all the ingredients separately FIRST and then make my own version. Hummus is super easy to...
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    Re: Daycare "Issue"

    Unless you put your foot down and say she may NEVER take your child in her car, I'd buy a car seat for her to use and make sure it is correctly installed and she knows how to do the buckles...
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    Re: Help me help her...

    Do you live nearby? In addition to the great advice above - it's also super helpful to have a local support system / advocate. Can you hang out together with your babies and nurse together so she...
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    Re: freestyle issues

    I found that I really needed to make sure I got all the parts correctly lined up and snapped together securely.

    What happens if you sit up more instead of leaning forward?

    And - have you tried...
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    Re: 10 months ,not so many solids

    Sounds like he's doing a great job with learning how to eat solids, and that those are decent "serving sizes" for a baby.

    Since you said he prefers to eat the "real stuff" - then how about follow...
  19. Re: Extended BFing - work full-time - he

    DS1 I stopped pumping at about 16 mo. DS2 I stopped pumping at 13 mo.

    DS1 weaned at about 2.5 yo when I was pg. DS is still going strong at 25 mo.
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    Re: Disapproving Mother-in-law & Family

    Another person agreeing with this!

    You can choose to either educate (if you think MIL might be open to learning). Or smile & nod then change the topic.

    IMO things like this are the business of...
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    Re: Bls-daycare etc

    My LO were totally different.

    DS1 - didn't really eat solids until 8.5 or 9 mo. Lots of dramatic gagging (to the point of throwing up). Reminder that gagging is very dramatic but is not choking...
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    Re: Favorite rice cereal brands?

    Some resources with high-iron foods:
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    Re: Bls-daycare etc

    Just wait ... and keep saying to yourself "my LO are different people ... my LO are different people"

    After our experiences with DS1 who was NOT interested in solids until around 8.5 or 9 mo, we...
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    Re: Bls-daycare etc

    You KNOW that he's ok with mostly breastmilk until about a year. IME it's a matter of standing firm and politely ignoring DCP who are more accustomed to babies following the Gerber schedule of solids.
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    Re: Bls-daycare etc

    For DCP - I ONLY sent with baby foods that baby had "mastered" at home - food was both safe and something baby could eat well without major gagging. I provided all foods so was in total control of...
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