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    Breastmilk mixed with formula

    Moderators, I apologize f this is not the proper place to post this, but I don't know where else to post.

    Anyway, I'm a working-pumping-breastfeeding mom and I've been successful so far. My baby...
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    Re: How do you clean your pump at work?

    Do you guys take the parts apart after every session before putting them away in the ziplocks?

    I'm using an Ameda PY, and I take the adapter cap and tubings apart from the breastshield after every...
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    Power pumping

    I was advised to power pump to increase my milk supply. I found in this forums that powerpumping means 10mins pump-10mins rest cycle for 1 hour.

    Now, for example, I powerpump at 12nn and if I were...
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    Re: Pumping while nursing

    Once he learned to flail his hands around, he never liked being swaddled anymore. And yes, he's a bit old now to start swaddling again, he's almost five months now.

    I think I found the solution...
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    Re: Pumping while nursing

    I don't know if I can manage using a manual pump to pump while nursing. I already feel I need to have an extra arm and hand using the electric one. I'll try and ask the nanny or my husband (good luck...
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    Pumping while nursing

    I've heard everyone say and I've read everywhere that you get more milk from one breast when your baby is nursing from the other.

    I've tried this several times but my LO doesn't seem to want to...
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    Re: Pumping Question

    That's what I know too, as long as they are of the same temperature, you can combine them

    I was also advised to store milk in smaller amounts so there would be less (or none at all) milk waste....
  8. Re: regular pumping but supply is decreasing

    I actually meant 3rd week of August, not August 3.

    Yeah, it's really hard to relax at work during pumping sessions because I'm usually pressed for time.

    I've also ordered some herbal...
  9. Re: milk given to baby within 4 hours after warming

    Thanks for the links!

    At the kellymom link, it says that I can refrigerate leftover milk and offer it again next feeding.

    Whew! :)

    Thanks again!:cheer
  10. milk given to baby within 4 hours after warming

    I'm a working mom, so I have the sitter give EBM to my DS2. I instructed her that once she warmed a bottle of EBM for feeding, it should be consumed within an hour. Any excess after that shouldn't be...
  11. regular pumping but supply is decreasing

    I regularly pump at work, around 3-4 times in a 10-12hour period. However, I noticed that my supply seems to be decreasing. I get less and less milk in every session.

    I don't get much to start...
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    Pumping sked at work

    I am aware that the best way to increase your milk supply is to direct-feed your baby as often as possible, and when you're away from your baby, to express milk at least every 2-3 hours. I try and...
  13. Re: Pumping during the first six weeks

    Yeah, I can actually pump whenever I want at work (except when there are meetings); they're pretty much lax about work schedules as long as I meet deadlines. :snicker

    Thanks for this! It would...
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    Re: How soon can I express

    An LLLI consultant in my area (Manila, Philippines) advises not to pump for the first six weeks because "it takes 6 weeks for a mom's body to fully master demand of baby. Pumping before that time...
  15. Re: Pumping during the first six weeks

    Yes, I'll be pumping while I'm at work and direct feeding when at home.

    I tried doing that with my first born, what I pump today is for the baby consumption the next day. But he took more than I...
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    Re: bottles in freezer

    I get all confused with how long you can store a frozen BM in the freezer. Some say it;s good till 6months, others say only one month. I understand what ind of freezer you store it in is a...
  17. Pumping during the first six weeks


    An LLLI consultant in my area said it's not advisable to pump during the first six weeks of breastfeeding. It's been three weeks since I gave birth and I have pumped several times already...
  18. Re: Which is yields more milk - Longer or more often?

    Won't pumping less often make your supply dwindle eventually?
  19. Using Medela micro steam bags with Ameda pump parts

    To those Ameda PY users, have you tried using the Medela Quick Clean Micro Steam Bags to sterilize their parts?

    I found a warning on one of the merchants' pages that the bags are "not for use on...
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    Re: proper fit of breastshield

    Thanks for this link! A really BIIIIIG help! :clap
  21. Re: A couple of questions from a newbie.

    Like everyone else said, yes, it can be done. When I went back to work, my LO took the bottle and nursed from whenever we're together. I probably am one of the luckier moms whose LO never had...
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    Re: Medela Freestyle Breastpump?

    I asked for shipping to California (to my friend) and the email says "$5 ground shipping within the continental US".

    Oh well, I guess $5 isn't much anyway compared to other merchants' prices.
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    Re: Medela Freestyle Breastpump?

    I just got an email from addalittlelove.com, and while the pump indeed costs $285, there is a $5 charge on the shipping.

    Anyway, how's the pump? Is it at all noisy or discreet?
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    Re: Purely Yours and Freestyle

    Hi lehall,

    I read somewhere that PY is pretty much a quiet pump, then I stumbled a couple of reviews on epinions.com that it is, on the contrary, a little noisy. In your experience/opinion, was it...
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    Re: How to stop pumping?

    I suggest you gradually cut back on your pumping sessions. From pumping every two hours, try pumping every 3 hours for about three days, then 4 hours for the next three days, and so on until your...
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