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    Re: drying up one breast

    I agree with mommal that weaning is more successfully attempted when mastitis is cleared up.

    Some moms work with their doctor to test their milk for bacteria to make sure that the antibiotic...
  2. Re: Sore cracked nipples ... Help please !!!

    Here are a few resources you might review

    A latch video: http://www.ameda.com/breastfeeding/positioning-and-latching-on/bf-your-baby-knows-how-to-latch-on
  3. Re: Baby 9 days old, difficulty nursing

    It's very common to have just a few drops come out the first few pumping sessions. Your body will learn to make milk for a pump.

    Breast compressions do wonders for breast pumps!...
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    Re: Jaundice

    Here is the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine's jaundice protocol: http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Protocols/Protocol%2022%20Jaundice.pdf

    You might print it off and show your doctor.

  5. Re: 7wk old not nursing effectively

    You are asking good questions! Mothers in all sorts of nutritional/hydration/stress situations are able to produce high quality milk for their babies, if the babies are nursing effectively as often...
  6. Re: New development while supplementing

    Ugh, this can be difficult!! Glad you are checking in for ideas! Have you gotten help with boosting your supply? What have you tried? What are your goals for breastfeeding? How much of her milk is...
  7. Re: Baby 9 days old, difficulty nursing

    Yay!! You're a breastfeeding mother! Your baby is getting some of your milk! No better gift you can give that cutie. Good work.

    Lots of skin-on-skin time with your baby can do wonders for him and...
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    Re: 3 week old concerns!!

    Signs your baby is getting enough milk:
    - Nurses as often as he wants for as long as he wants. Many mothers report this is 10-12 times per 24 hours or more.
    - Has about 3 "ok"-sized messy diapers...
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    Re: Change in Feeding Patterns

    Many mothers have reported an improvement in their baby's temperament when they go off hormonal birth control.
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    Re: Fussy at breast 4 month old

    What you're describing sounds a bit like flow preference, getting upset when the flow of the breast slows down. Breast compressions have helped many mothers with that concern. Video here:...
  11. Re: Constant Nursing and Crying - Help Appreciated!

    Remember that breastfeeding is more than just getting calories from one human being to another. It's also about comforting and caring for your baby ... at the breast. This is wonderful in so many...
  12. Re: breastfeeding twins -- nursing vacation to increase supp

    Nursing as often as the babies want for as long as the babies want is how most mothers of twins ensure their babies are getting enough milk.

    What signals do you see that tell that your babies are...
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    Re: Weaning 13 month

    What mommal said.

    And just a note that the white dots on the nipple are likely dried milk.
  14. Re: Went from yellow stools to green?

    Clicking sound often means that baby is losing suction while nursing. Sometimes this is due to just a bad one-time latch that can be corrected by taking off and latching again. Other times it's...
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    Re: Change in Feeding Patterns

    A couple of ideas...

    Have you changed your diet?
    Have bowel movements changed?
    Did you recently start or stop medication? Birth control? "Any hormonal birth control may cause fussiness in the...
  16. Re: Went from yellow stools to green?

    Moms interpret poop colors very differently; one mom's "yellow" is called "green" by another mom. Also, poop sitting around in a diaper can change color from when it was originally deposited. :)
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    Re: Engorgement and tongue tie

    Hand expression can be helpful. Video here: http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastfeeding/HandExpression.html

    This ensures that you remove milk to be more comfortable, but not send strong "make more...
  18. Re: Latch problem, baby sucks air- her fault or mine?

    Did she help you find signs that you can look for that your baby IS getting enough?

    The best ways moms can ensure baby is getting enough milk:
    (1) Nurse as often as you can for as long as she...
  19. Re: playing with other boob while nursing. frustrated!

    You are one of many moms going through the same thing :) Very common, normal behavior that gets better! Gently showing her, finding something else for her to do. I used to put my hand over my other...
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    Re: No poop 4 days!!!!

    Possibly the constipation is your baby's body telling you to back off on the solids :) Her little system might not be ready for it. Maybe skip the solids for a week or so while she's going through...
  21. Re: Latch problem, baby sucks air- her fault or mine?

    Ugh, this can be so hard! Breastfeeding is supposed to be a calming, enjoyable experience most of the time, so when it's not that way, that's frustrating! Good for you seeking out help and seeking...
  22. Re: Alimentos que producen colicos cuando volerlos a comer?

    La mayoria de las mamas pueden comer cualquier cosa: brocoli, frijoles, etc. Muchas madres pueden experimentar con comidas diferentes, si les parece que a su bebe no le hace bien esa comida. Las...
  23. Re: 16 month old weaned...? HELP! I want to keep breastfeedi

    This is so hard! I know I would have felt down, too, if my little ones had weaned like this. You're not alone in enjoying and seeing value in nursing a 17-month-old!

    It sounds like her refusal of...
  24. Re: How to prepare for return to work?

    Good for you breastfeeding your baby before returning to work! This is a great way to make sure you have enough milk when you go back to work.

    Many mothers work full-time whose babies only eat...
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    Re: embarazada se puede lactar

    Claro que puedes seguirla alimentando. Ten en mente que puede que tu leche se seque. Esto ocurre en tiempos diferentes para cada embarazo, tal vez en el empiezo del embarazo o la mitad o en la fin. Y...
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