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  1. how do i get a prescription for all purpose nipple ointment??

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    bls=feed on the floor or in a highchair?

  3. Re: has anyone tried teething feeders to introduce solids?

    for bls--should they be able to sit on their own?? i am feeding my 7 month old solids with a spoon and want him to feed himself. can you give more details as to how the bls works? how small should...
  4. FOOD SIZING: how big to cut up food at 7 months, assuming gum chewing?

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    Re: WEIRD positions while nursing!!!

    i nurse my scooting db on his back with his legs kicking. he rolls away and then comes back to me as i hang in midair over his head. he has been on strike for a while so i do it ANYWAY i can these...
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    amazing discovery re: nursing strike

    after having a long struggle with my highly distractible son, i realize now that our nursing relationship is healing a bit.
    i have been wondering what it was? bathing together? making food time more...
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    Re: Latching hurts!!!!

    I would see a lactation consultatn to see if it has to do with the latch, but also a craniosacral therapist.
    i had so much pain with the latch--it felt like a bite rather than a wide open jaw moving...
  8. HELP--nursing strike for weeks/low milk supply and stress/biting

    i am so stressed out. i have 7 month old db and want so badly to stop fighting with him to nurse.

    1) if the nursing strike is because of low milk supply...how do i stop this cycle?? what do i do...
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    Re: Thrush questions, help please!

    Unless you are sure that the thrush is bothering you and your baby, I would lay off the nistatin.

    The nistatin works only if you apply it properly--you need to swab in on the baby's tongue and the...
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    Re: Sucks a little, pops off ... help, please!

    I had OALD during the beginning months of nursing. I started breastfeeding lying down which is great because he let the extra milk spill out of his mouth and pool on a towel on the bed. This was...
  11. 7 month old trouble nursing-some questions for you

    1) how do i know if he has skipped a nursing session? along those lines, when and how much should i pump to replace the nursing session? if i pump at night does it produce more milk at night or just...
  12. Re: Another poop ?... Wondering abt the color.

    i think when in doubt show your doctor or a lactation consultant, but it seems that "consistent" is key. everyone poops a little differently. if it is frothy or green, it is over supply, need for...
  13. nursing strike? oral aversion?

    my son is almost 7 months, ebf

    i have noticed that ever since I have been giving him food he is extremely fussy at the breast-arches & pushes away & "yells at me" as i bring him close in cradle...
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