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  1. Rules about heating/reheating breastmilk

    I have to pump now that I'm back at work and baby is staying with daddy. Once a bottle has been defrosted I KNOW that I can't refreeze it but if it's been heated for 10 seconds and given to baby but...
  2. Re: she doesn't "suckle, she BITES...HEL

    That is what the lactation specialist did to help me ween baby off the nipple shield and she will latch on when I pinch my nipple, but she still uses her gums to chomp :(
  3. she doesn't "suckle, she BITES...HELP ME

    My baby is 2 weeks old today and I had problems getting her to latch on at the hospital, apparently, my nipples are flat so I had to use a nipple shield to nurse. I visited with the lactation...
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