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    Re: All night mommy buffet

    Thanks autumn I hadn't thought of actually elevating the whole bed, a pillow sometimes helps us but he rolls off so I will try raising the bed. I haven't seen swaddled for older babies but I'll take...
  2. Re: HELP! is this a plugged duct? what do I do?

    Here's what i did to get rid of my clogged ducts:
    Take maximum dosage of lecithin ( can be found at any grocery/ drug store)
    Take 2-3 hot showers OR use warm wash clothes before and during each...
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    All night mommy buffet

    This will probably be long, so if you want to skip it and just give tips to help baby sleep more than an hour at a time, that'd be great !

    My 8 mo old and I had the hardest time bf'ing for the...
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    Re: So frustrated! What do I do!?

    Just a random idea- have you had him checked for "tongue- tie"
    My baby had this, and it caused a lot of nursing issues that we're still coping with but I've learned if I do some tongue stretching...
  5. 4 Month old Chronic Diarrhea for a month

    My four month old has had diarrhea now for a month ! :(
    Innitially he did seem "sick" with a slight fever (just felt very warm), this lasted about 9-10 days and then he had a couple normal looking...
  6. Re: Diarrhea, increased reflux and fussiness at the breast

    Thank you for your continued support :-)

    I feel like some things are starting to get easier, we've just been through so much!
    I think his tongue is continuing to gain mobility from the clipping...
  7. Re: Diarrhea, increased reflux and fussiness at the breast

    Thanks for the support!

    1. Diarrhea : it went away and then came back. It's like green water, no thickness whatsoever and sounds very liquid. Right now it's not as severe, maybe 4x a day. I...
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    Re: Overactive supply at night!

    I just bought these shells: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2403352
    I find them to be comfortable, I am a 40C, I've heard they aren't comfortable if much larger.

    You could wear...
  9. Diarrhea, increased reflux and fussiness at the breast

    Hi Ladies,

    You all helped me before with nipple pain, which by the way I *think* is getting better finally after 3.5 months!:clap

    3 weeks ago he had his frenulum clipped for a 2nd time. I think...
  10. Re: Multiple Issues would love any feedback! 10wk old

    Thank you everyone for the support!
    So I got his tt reclipped and we're doing cranio sacral therapy (CST) to help his tilted jaw, crooked neck and tight mouth. I do believe it's helping his general...
  11. Multiple Issues would love any feedback! 10wk old


    I need some help and support! First let me explain what my bf experience has been thus far:

    day one- lots of pain, LC said son was tongue tied and was basically just chopping on my...
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