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    4 mo poop questions

    Hi folks. My 4 mo baby is back on exclusive BM (with me on an elimination diet) after almost a month of trialing some hypoallergenic formulas, which did not go well (I continued pumping the whole...
  2. Question for EPers: How seldom can I pump?

    Hi all,

    I'm EPing for my almost 4 mo DD, who nursed for the first month but has to be fed via bottle for the foreseeable future due to multiple problems (long story). She is my second baby, and I...
  3. Do you think I can get her back to the breast?

    Hi everyone,

    I've posted a few times the past couple of weeks about my lo who has a number of feeding problems. We have a test coming up that I HOPE HOPE HOPE will show that she will has learned...
  4. Re: No weight gain in 6 month old for 3 months!

    I also have a baby for whom weight gain is an ongoing concern, so I know how hard and scary it can be. :hug The eczema is definitely highly correlated with food allergies, so that could be part of...
  5. Re: BF a child with cleft lip and palate

    I remember hearing that the mom who designed the "Haberman bottle" had a baby with a cleft palate and that the flow of that bottle mimics the way that milk comes from the breast (e.g. baby only gets...
  6. Re: How sleepy should 10 week old be at the breast?

    My MIL always asked me "are you sure you have enough milk?" with my first one. Drove me crazy!!! Good for you for sticking with the BFing!

    My dd would wake up if I would rub lotion on her arms...
  7. Re: Could oversupply be (at least one of) our problem(s)?

    Oh, and I meant to say that on a GOOD day she will take about 20 ounces (this is fortified to 27 calories/ounce by adding formula). And thankfully I do have a great IBLC I have been checking in with!
  8. Re: Could oversupply be (at least one of) our problem(s)?

    Yes, unfortunately my baby has a number of physical problems that are the culprit in her failure to thrive. She has very severe laryngomalacia, if any of you are familiar with that, which makes it...
  9. Could oversupply be (at least one of) our problem(s)?

    Hi folks,

    I'm new around here :hello and hope you can give me some advice. My 3 month old dd has some pretty serious feeding problems (aspiration, severe reflux) and difficulty gaining weight...
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    Re: BFing just to fall asleep?

    Sorry to just be joining the replies, but I totally think you are doing the right thing! Sucking is so soothing to them, whenever my son would fall asleep nursing I would think "this is just the way...
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    Re: Failure to Thrive ?

    I had a somewhat similar situation, although I'm sure mine is a worst case scenario! My daughter is 11 weeks and had trouble building a sustained weight gain from the beginning, which culminated in...
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    Re: My Nightmare

    First of all, congrats to you for hanging in there! You are doing a great thing by doing everything you can to work with your daughter and keeping up the pumping when she doesn't nurse well.

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