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    Re: How to get rid of thrush?

    Has your baby been treated for thrush? My understanding is that even if the baby doesn't have any symptoms, the baby absolutely also needs to do a round of nystatin when mom is treated so that it...
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    Re: HELP!!!! Blisters!!!!!

    Do you have a pump? This is just an idea - Could you pump your breastmilk for a couple of feedings a day, putting lanolin on the nipples right before pumping, to help give the nipples a chance to...
  3. Re: blisters at nipple/areola junction from pumping

    Thanks for replying so far... I'm experimenting with different things & I'll let you all know what I figure out. I had consult with a LC, & I'll let you all know what ends up working.
  4. blisters at nipple/areola junction from pumping

    I've been working for 2 weeks, & thus double-pumping more (every 3-4 hrs) than I pumped before returning to work. I didn't have any blisters when pumping 1-2x/day & breastfeeding my baby. By Friday...
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    Re: Hands free pumping?

    I didn't have much money, so I cut holes in 2 inexpensive bras at the nipple area. I put the flange through the bra & it works well. It worked well while I was at home & had the time to change bras...
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    Re: Amount of EBM you pump at work?

    Hello all,
    I've been back to work 2 weeks, and my 3 mo. old weighs a little over 12 lbs. She & I are apart for 12 hrs/day. So, ideally, I guess that I should pump 4 times. I have only been able...
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