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  1. Re: need encouragement... freezer supply dwindling

    Thank you all for your support! I have been doing a bit better. Decided that I would steer clear of formula if at all possible. I appreciate everyones comments. You are all so wonderful!
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    Re: Cereal and EBM

    I use EBM for my baby's cereal. I use either pumped stuff from the fridge, or the freezer, whatever i have available. If I'm not at home, I use water to mix with it, but only had to do that once or...
  3. Re: Any of you like the Medela Harmony?

    I actually ONLY have a Harmony. I've never used an electric pump, only the Harmony. And I do fine with it, even pumping at work (part time).
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    Re: how firm is the 24-hr rule?

    I read somewhere on this site that it's not considered thawed until there are NO ice crystals left. So, when I put it from the freezer into my fridge, after 12 hours or so, there are still some ice...
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    Re: Storing questions...

    I use the playtex nursers with the drop-in liners... after I pump I often pour it into the nurser, put the nipple and lid on, and stick it in the fridge with an expiration date on it. I have never...
  6. Re: Should we start daycare earlier than planned?

    So, unless I'm reading this wrong, the cost is the same as it is for your current babysitter, whether your LO goes an hour a week or full time??

    I personally wouldn't want my LO to be in anyone...
  7. Re: need encouragement... freezer supply dwindling

    Thank you for your replies and the links... I am comfortable with our decision to start solids, so that isn't open for discussion- I wrestled with the concept, read all your links and more, and...
  8. need encouragement... freezer supply dwindling

    So, I have been back to work for almost 2 months, and I need some encouragement. When I started this whole breastfeeding thing, I didn't want to stress myself out about it (NO ONE i know has...
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    Re: Breast milk purees

    Yes, any breast milk she consumes will count. For example, if you add an ounce of bm to her food at each meal, and she eats it all, that's an extra ounce of breast milk for each meal she eats. If she...
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    Re: Back to work part time

    My first two days went well. I worked 12 hours, and I pumped right before I left, then 5 hours later, then 4 hours later... I didn't get as much as my little guy ate while I was gone, but I was never...
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    Re: Back to work part time

    no one has any input at all?? I go back to work in just a few days!!:eye
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    Back to work part time

    My son is 10 weeks old, and I'm going back to work part time next week. I will be working one 12 hour shift and one 6 hour shift per week most weeks. I have had an oversupply issue, so I stopped...
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    Re: Hindmilk-Foremilk and Pumping Qs

    From what I've seen, the foremilk not only is lacking calories, but is also really high in lactose, which is why it causes tummy troubles. Don't know if mixing it with cereal would prevent the tummy...
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    How long does it take?

    My baby is 8 weeks old, and I figured out on Tuesday evening that my oversupply was causing him problems. I didn't realize his green poop and everlasting tummyache was caused by me!! Anyway, I did a...
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