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    Re: ? for Mothers who work from home

    I work from home 5 days a week and my DS (8 mos) has gotten to the point where he might take 2-30 min naps during the day. He hates to miss anything while I or his dad is around...

    however, he...
  2. Re: He refused to eat while I was gone

    No, I don't think he has forgotten, he just has an opinion....the first of many:lol

    I have had similar experiences with my DS (8 mos on 11/24). He will refuse the bottle/cup with expressed milk...
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    Re: Nipple pain...like sunburn

    Thank you all so much....it feels like thrush, but when my middle son had thrush he did have the characteristic white patches in his mouth..so I automatically knew what it was.

    This time....I am...
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    Nipple pain...like sunburn

    Hi everyone,

    Nursing d/s for 6 months, on solids approx. 2 months(2x per day), no problems to date....

    In the past week I have started experiencing nipple pain, that I can only say feels like...
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    Nipple pulling/tugging

    My 2 week LO is nursing well-except for one thing that I have noticed in the past few days. When he gets toward the end of nursing he starts pulling/tugging at the nipple like a bird trying to get a...
  6. Re: I nursed so hard that milk came out my nose!

    My 10 day old did this as well, and I freaked out convinced that he would drown---but he was still sucking away like "no big deal". So, I stopped laying down nursing, but now that I know this was...
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    Re: 1 week old "freak-out"

    My DS is 10 days old and for the first week, I was experiencing the same issue---we called it fretting. It just seemed that no matter what he could not get any comfort. As for BF at night, we still...
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