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  1. Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    I completely agree with nptkam! Breasts are designed to provide nutrition to children and that is their primary purpose. Although I am not sure that I will breastfeed past a year, I personnaly do not...
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    Re: Spitting up a lot..?

    My 9 week old spits or throws up quite frequently. I was concerned, but she is gaining beautifully (from 8lbs 1 ounce at birth to 12 lbs 8 ounces last week). My dr was not concerned, said she...
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    Re: it's all gone haywire!?!

    Things like that can happen. Babies will start sleeping through the night, and than they can start waking up. However, I personally would not wake the baby for a feed. I think that a baby should be...
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    Re: bf is beginning to ANNOY me!

    I really understand your confusion, because we all want what is the best for our children. But, if you are really beggining to resent bf and your daughter because of it, maybe it is the time to quit.
  5. Re: Will giving my newborn a pacifier cause nipple confusion??

    I have also given my daughter the pacifier right from the start. I do not think that it caused a confusion for her as she will spit the pacifier right out if she wants to feed - actually, she kind of...
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