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    Re: help ~ milk drastically dropping

    I have had two problems with my pump that caused milk production issues for me. (I have the Medela, "Pump in Style".)

    The little yellow part that has the flap was not getting a good seal because...
  2. Re: Experienced Nursing Moms - please read


    Thank you so much for your thoughts/advice.

    Jessica...a special thank you to you. I am definitely going to try some more skin to skin contact and pumping/nursing more. I think I need...
  3. Re: Experienced Nursing Moms - please read


    THANK YOU so much for your response. Here are the answers to your questions:

    Can you tell us a little more about what your routine is currently?
    Current weekday routine is:
  4. Experienced Nursing Moms - please read

    I am now 8.5 months into nursing and really proud of myself for going this long. (My goal was to get to 6 months.) I want to make it to a year.

    My concern is that I am not getting the amount of...
  5. Re: Almost 11 month of BFing and left breast is crapping out on me!

    This may not help...but I thought I'd share anyway.

    I have been having a significant decrease over the past 3 months or so. I have been really doing everything possible to get as much milk out as...
  6. Re: What's your opinion? Breast milk and solid food for 9 month old and teething del


    Just to clear up a few things-

    -DCP has to feed her sitting (not let her hold the bottle on her own)
    -I think what may be happening is that they are feeding...
  7. Re: What's your opinion? Breast milk and solid food for 9 month old and teething del

    To answer your question about how much jarred food:

    Here's her menu as I know it from home-

    {**nurse her around 6/7am**}

    8am: 1/2 jar (stage 2 size) fruit mixed w/ oatmeal cereal...
  8. What's your opinion? Breast milk and solid food for 9 month old and teething delays.


    I am trying to adjust to my daughter being in a childcare center (she used to be with an in-home provider.) It seems to me that the childcare center isn't giving her as much breast milk...
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    Solids and Sleeping

    I am sure there are lots of posts on this subject. I would love any links or information on introducing solids. (Like when, what etc.)

    I love the idea of holding off on solids for as long as...
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    Re: Hair falling??!

    MY HAIR IS FALLING OUT TOO!!!! My daughter is 4 months old today and sometimes I think I'm going to be bald by the time she's 5 months old.

    I agree with Rachel's post...apparently when we are...
  11. How long does it take to correct milk supply problems after flu?

    I am a new poster, so my apologies that I don't have all the acronyms down. I am in need of some serious support...

    A came down with the stomach virus and a cold at the same time. It's been about...
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    Re: 18 more days

    What a wonderful post! Right now I am struggling to build back my milk supply after a terrible bout of the stomach virus. It nearly ended BF for me and my 4 month old daughter. Thankfully it seems...
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    Re: General question on frequency

    Sounds like my 4 month old daughters schedule...

    -between 7-8:30pm I feed her and she goes to bed
    -she wakes to eat between 12-2am, again between 4-5, and again at 7am

    As long as your baby is...
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    Stomach flu/cold - milk supply very low

    This is my first post...I am writing out of desperation and fear. On the 23rd I got the terrible stomach virus that's been going around. I can't even express how awful this thing was. I also got a...
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