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  1. Re: 1 Week Old- Kicking and Screaming During BF

    Hi there

    I can sympathize. I spent the first three months of my LO's life wondering why she hated breastfeeding. It took forever to get her to latch b.c she seemed so angry. I made enough milk...
  2. Re: Please Help. Baby w/ Painful Gas & Dr.'s of no help

    My lo had awful gas pains too, i took her to the chiropractor, it was miraculous. I had never been to one myself, and was a skeptical, but was willing to try anything. They use as much pressure as...
  3. Re: having a rough evening...need reassurance

    Hey Kathy I also struggled with a reluctant daytime nurser, champion nighttime nurser. BFing was not a pleasant experience with a baby who screamed anytime i put her near my boob, but was obviously...
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    Rash, not feeding well......

    My LO is 8 weeks and BFing has been a very challenging time for us. I have an OALD, which i try to address with block feeding, and lying down while feeding, but my LO really doesn't seem to enjoy...
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