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  1. Re: She rarely asks for nursing at 15 mths?

    WOW! You could have just described my son and my nursing relationship! He asks for it first thing in the morning and then not again till nightime! But, I still nurse him down to nap and when he...
  2. Re: poops and toots after starting solids.

    What goes in, must come out! So, if more food's going in, more poops coming out. Any food, other than BM, is just not digested by the body as well and will come on out.
  3. Re: How much liquids should LO have?

    My LO only ever drinks water out of a sippy and he seems perfectly content with that. I've given him juice sometimes and he looks at me like I'm trying to poison him. :lol I nurse him about 3xs a...
  4. Re: Should I be having DD practice with a cup more?

    Maybe I'm the exception, but my 15 month old is no where near being able to use a cup by himself. He can drink if I hold it, but I just think he's too young. (If you give him a cup, he just wants...
  5. Re: baby led solids - how much cereal to give?

    IMO I would limit the cereal, especially rice cereal, it can tend to be constipating. You can just save it for a few months and/or give it to her over a few months. Those things usually have a long...
  6. Re: SO confused - when to speed things up?

    This is alot of a judgment call. If you've had no reactions at all to any foods and no family history of food allergies and you feel comfortable, you can start shortening the time between different...
  7. Re: baby does not stop nursing...ever

    A lot of babies this young are serious spitters. I'm not talking that little bit of cute spoting, but a serious amount that seems to flow from their mouth/nose. My son was a serious spitter and it...
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    Re: Night Wakings

    This is real common. My LO would go through spurts where he would wake up more often and then wake up less often. It definitely felt like there was alot of variablilty the first 6 months. After...
  9. Re: Breastfeeding through the night...

    The sleep change may be related to the disruption, but it may also only be incidental. Six months is prime teething time. Also, my son acted like that one time when we were fighting an ear...
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    Re: It's the teeth, right?

    My son tried this and I'd just pull him back in tight. It wasn't comfortable for me to let him have a shallow latch. It very well could be the teeth. She's at the right age for it. And, I think,...
  11. Re: How many feeds is considered "normal"

    My son was nursing alot more than that and there are other moms who's children are only nursing once per day. It's whatever the 2 of you are comfortable with. It's sounds completely normal to me.
  12. Re: Pulling off and getting fussy when nursing

    A lot of people have a low supply in the evening. It's no problem as long as she's gaining well. I used to just have marathon nursing sessions at night and we'd straight nurse from 4p-8p. I'd just...
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    Re: Milk out nose/long post

    I don't think this is uncommon. My friend's baby always had milk dripping out his nose during breastfeeding. My baby would sometimes spit up out his nose. Which is something that definitely freaks...
  14. Re: Nursing my 14 month od - sleep help?!

    My BFF told me about what worked with her 15 month old. She was a single mom who was co-sleeping. She would wear a non-nursing top to bed and when her son woke up she would get up and make him a...
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    Re: Teething Question?

    I haven't seen it in my son. But if your daughter had it before with teething and there were no problems, it just may be something your daughter does with teething. Although, shooting a ? to the...
  16. Re: Please get your toe out of my ear...

    Hahahah I am literally crying with laughter. :happytears

    I thought my son was the only one who keeps trying to pick my nose.
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    Re: lots of questions

    1. My LO spit up more at about this age and he was a big spitter til about 8 months when it slowly settled down. At 13 months he basically never spits up.

    2. Like PP said, it's up to you. I...
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    Re: How big at 9 months?

    AJ was about 21 lbs at 9 months and 23 lbs at 12 months. His weight has definitely slowed down.
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    Teeth marks???

    My son is 13 months and nursing is going fine. I'm comfortable during the nursing and my son seems to be fine, too. He is clearly getting milk because of the duration of nursing sessions and...
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    Re: Pumping for Baby Over 1 YO

    Wow helens! That's a lot of milk. I'm jealous. My son's 2 weeks over a year and I just went from 3 pumpings in 10 hours to 2. I get about 6 ounces between the 2 pumpings. I've been pumping since...
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    Re: I need a hug :o(

    I'm sorry. :cry That's such a tough situation. I know you'll do what's right for your whole family. For you, for your daughter and for any future children. Lots of hugs to you.

    :hug :hug...
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    Re: Outcome of sending info

    I'm sorry, after re-reading that, it sounded harsh. I really do wish you the best. Try not to let them get to you.
    Happy vibes your way:
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    Re: Outcome of sending info

    These are your in-laws???? So, who cares? I mean, really, why do parenting choices come up at all? My sister and I have completely different parenting views. She bottle feeds and spanks. I nurse...
  24. Re: Nursing strike at 11 months

    My Lo went through a nursing strike at about that age, too. For us it worked for me to be bare chested with him the whole weekend. He just couldn't keep his eyes off them and he kept on wanting to...
  25. Re: New to Breastfeeding/Sore Nipples/Oversupply

    I would think with all that milk you can definitely stop offering the bottle after nursing. I had an oversupply for a while, too. I literally froze gallons of milk in tiny plastic bags. :) Block...
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