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  1. Re: 1yr old baby still BFing, but how much is enough?

    It's really risky (in many ways) to wean before the second birthday. Your doctor is misinformed. (This isn't a surprise as most medical schools don't teach anything about lactation, let alone the...
  2. Re: Clamping down,pinching,and complaining while bfing

    Yippee ... it's *play* time.

    In the early days I was on the LLL forum daily (and nightly). My LO is now 11 months - I can hardly believe it. I remember the first time she started clamping down. I...
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    Re: Long nights without nursing

    I didn't have time to read the other posts but your situation sounds like mine so I just thought I'd chime in. I thought for a while that the long nights were affecting my supply but they weren't - I...
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    Re: Foremilk/Hindmilk Imbalance

    Is she emptying the breasts? You might try breast compressions just to be sure. You can find a video of this technique from Dr. Newman on the Birthden web site.

    We are experiencing this (as I...
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    I think I hit the sweet spot!

    I hope I'm not going to get flamed here but I just have to say ...


    Seriously, she's just about 4 months old and I think I've hit a sweet spot - we are over the newborn...
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    Re: Should I use a pacifier?

    I'd say give it a shot. I wouldn't necessarily introduce at night, though. I mean, for the first time, introduce it during the day. (In case he gets irritated/confused.) We tried to introduce the...
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    Re: Green Poop and Rotavirus!

    I'm told it smells. (I have a very weak sense of smell so I can't say myself.) It was a dramatic shift. For 3.5 months she's been a reliable one-large-yellow-BM-per-day kinda kid. Then, overnight she...
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    Re: Green Poop and Rotavirus!

    We didn't get a vaccine for this one. Not sure if she's too young or if it's something we (and/or the doc) opted against. Yeah, they really sing the praises of infant probiotics around these parts.
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    Green Poop and Rotavirus!

    Like many of you, my LO has been experiencing frequent green poops this last week. I called the ped this morning and apparently they are seeing cases of rotavirus earlier this year than usual. It is...
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    Re: "Bucking Baby"

    My LO does this from time-to-time. I think for all the reasons mentioned above. When it happens I move to the rocking chair, pat her back, and make "shhhh" sounds - while she's latched on, of course....
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    Re: Poop Question

    Just another resource to add:


    By the way, how did it turn out for you all? We are experiencing green poops here at my place and I...
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    Re: Green poop at 4.5 mths???

    How did this end up being resolved? My LO has experienced a sudden and dramatic change in her poo pattern. What was predictably one large yellow BM/day for more than three months has (in the last...
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    Re: Baby farts a lot!!!

    Ah, I remember this. At 6 weeks my daughter all of a sudden started farting like crazy then, her fussy period started ... According to statistics on crying and "colic", 6-8 weeks is the most fussy...
  14. Re: WIC provides FREE PIS or Ameda double electric pump to income-qualifying mothers.

    I believe that WIC supports BF Moms for a full year PP, as long as they are still BF-ing, of course. Maybe longer? That's a bummer about the borrowed pump. Do you still need one now? You should...
  15. WIC provides FREE PIS or Ameda double electric pump to income-qualifying mothers.

    I just thought I'd pass this info along. The USDA food supplement program WIC (Women Infants and Children) is now providing double electric personal breast pumps for income-qualifying Moms who need...
  16. Do I need to pump directly into the bottles?

    I pump into the storage bottles that came with my PIS and then transfer it to bottles when I get home. (If it separates I simply shake well to mix the fatty layer back in.) Is this OK? I noticed that...
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    Re: not eating, not sleeping

    Have you spoken with an LC? Possibly at the hospital where you delivered? Or an EXTREMELY BF-friendly doc? Just to rule out any underlying medical issues? Alternatively or in addition to that, I'd...
  18. Re: drooling and very frequent BMs in 3.5 month old?

    No way! You must be kidding me. She's just this side of the womb! Teeth?! My baby is going to get teeth?! I mean, I know she's going to grow up eventually but the prospect of teeth really drives this...
  19. drooling and very frequent BMs in 3.5 month old?

    Up until last week, my 3.5-month-old daughter was a very regular one poop per day-er. Recently she's started passing stool every time she passes gas. This weekend I kept her out of diapers to let...
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    Re: Sleeping through the night?

    Unless there is a medical issue, at night, let sleeping babies sleep! :ita
  21. Temas: Beer WTF

    by jcclowen

    Re: Beer WTF

    Maybe you were just super relaxed? My vote is it wasn't the beer, it wasn't the herbs, it was YOU MOMMA just being your super chill Momma self ... :clap

    Do take the pump to NYC, along with...
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    Re: Milk Supply issues

    If she is growing (and making plenty of wet and poopies) and other feedings are good (she is a full happy baby when finished), you're likely fine. My LO is also a long-time night sleeper. Two things:...
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    Re: Naughty for Daddy

    My LO does this too. Basically my DH just has to constantly distract her, which I'm sure is exhausting. Her crying also stresses him out so I think get into a vicious cycle w/one another. I've also...
  24. Re: How much does personal stress-level affect BF supply and let down?

    Thanks everyone. This was all helpful information.
  25. How much does personal stress-level affect BF supply and let down?

    How much does personal stress really affect milk production and let down? I know that women successfully BF in harrowing circumstances (e.g. war, famine, etc.) so I tend to think we are pretty...
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