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  1. Re: I'm at SUCH a loss, I feel like I'm failing my baby :(

    Did the LC do pre and post weights? I wonder if it is low milk supply or a case the infant isn't transferring milk well. Often when infant isn't transferring milk well then low milk supply follows....
  2. Re: My baby won't sleep without me at night

    Thanks for responding. I was careful to put LO to sleep next to me after nursing instead of cuddling him on my arm and he had a much better weekend with dad even took the bottles better. I really...
  3. My baby won't sleep without me at night

    My infant is 7 months old. We have coslept from the beginning. I work 2 nights a week 7pm -7am. He hasn't ever taken the bottle well but he will drink a little from it, but what is really...
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    Re: Desperate, please help

    For my son Daddy putting him to bed didn't work because he missed and wanted me. I believe he was around your LO age and the nightime feedings were getting to me so I slept with him in a different...
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    Re: 5w3d latch problem

    Laid back nursing might help infant get in a good position and latch better. There is a page on it in the tool kit of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding that you can download for free. Are you...
  6. Re: Pumping & Formula...Suggestions Welcome!

    I agree with pp green explosive poops is a sign of too much milk and infant could have just not been getting enough hindmilk. Now you switched to the other side of low milk production. It would be...
  7. Re: Advice for baby refusing to nurse and take a bottle

    I would suggest skin to skin as much as possible not forcing infant to breast but maybe expressing some drops of milk so she can smell it. Also I have heard bathing with baby is also helpful. ...
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    Re: When do they stopping asking?

    I actually let him nurse a couple of times this summer but it would consist of him putting his mouth to my breast then being done. When he asks it's almost like it is a joke to home. He says I want...
  9. Re: Latch Problems: Not putting tongue over gums

    You should post in what area you live so you could get some referral of other ENT's or even peds that will fix tongue tie with a laser. My sis just had this done for her LO and it made all the...
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    Re: Breastfeeding twins

    I had twins and also suffered from a low milk supply. I found out later I was hypothroid. So I would have your thyroid checked. It's hard I would cry when I had to supplement but I knew it was...
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    Re: Lip tied 1week old!

    I was looking for a good place to post my sisters story. She has a little girl a month old at first she was doing well breastfeeding. I am an IBCLC and noticed to lip tie right away but at first it...
  12. Re: Traveling without DS and night weaning questions

    I would suggest not nursing him when you get in bed. Nurse him a little earlier than bedtime on the coach or a chair but try not to let him fall asleep. Then when you go to bed have him put his...
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    Re: Pressure to Stop Nursing

    I felt the same way when I decided to keep nursing my 1 year old. LLL really helped me through it. My family thought I was crazy and didn't mind telling me often. However, I knew I was doing the...
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    Re: Oversupply?

    Green watery stools can be a sign of oversupply eveything else sounds kind of normal. I would let him finish the first side. and if he's not interested don't push the second side. With such a good...
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    Re: 8 Month Old & Lipstick Nipple :(

    It does sound like she is teething and and putting some pressure on bottom part of the nipple with her bottom gums. It can and should get better. Try using hold that gives you more control football...
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    Re: Vicoprophin

    previous post is right. I am an IBCLC and it sickens me how many children have been weaned unnecessarily because the doctors are too lazy to look up the drugs. I was on vicodin for root canals for...
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    When do they stopping asking?

    So LO weaned for a week pretty easily he's 3.5 and distraction worked really well. Then he had a bad day was wore out and I nursed him to sleep. I have since nursed him occasionally maybe 2 a week....
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    Re: My son's weaning has begun

    Well it's pretty official. LO is weaned. He went a whole week I did nurse briefly 3 days ago because he was so upset but other that that time it's been mostly tearless. We bought him a bike with...
  19. Re: SO ready to WEAN almost 3 year old!

    My DS is 3.5 and he is so close to being weaned. I have done it differently I haven't set any hard fast rules because I don't want to then break them. One rule I did try to follow is that we...
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    Re: Discussing weaning with a toddler

    Yeah my son is getting so close but he is over 40 months. Are big thing is a weaning party he is always talking about what we will have who we will invite. When he does ask to nurse I gently remind...
  21. Re: Wean? Mom's question from New Beginn

    Nursing is the best way to reconnect with your child after working all day. You and he immediately relax. Also the fact that nursing toddlers get sick less often and you don't have to worry about...
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    Re: Challenging One....stumped the nurse

    To me it sounds like she is over eating at the breast. Usually when they spit up a lot after eating its either due to air or eating to much. Try burping after every 5 minutes this will ensure she...
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    Weaning Party

    So I have already posted about my son's weaning. He is super excited about his weaning party. My twin daughters have a birthday next month and we've been planning their birthday party and everytime...
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    Re: My son's weaning has begun

    It was a great week his nursing has changed so much. The days he takes naps he really wants to nurse to sleep but somedays he doesn't take naps. Then usually when he wakes up from a nap he always...
  25. Re: Having second thoughts about weaning

    It would probably be helpful to get a consult from a certified lactation consultatn (IBCLC). Some hospitals offer free breastfeeding support groups that are run bu an IBCLC. Nursing strikes are...
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