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    Re: Your first exposure to ENing?

    I had never seen anyone breast feed for more than a few weeks. In the beginning with Evan I set my goal for six months and that came and went and I was nursing a one year old. I thought that Evan...
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    Re: definition of extended BF

    My Step Dad made that comment the other day and I was like what in the world does that mean??????

    My son is 28 months and still going strong.

    LOL about extended nursing be spotting something...
  3. Re: Come on! We have to have a cute stories thread!

    My 28 month old son calls it his "JU JU" I started out calling it Nitty, but he named it on his own.
    He is an acrobat nurser standing up trying to watch Tv all while hanging on.

    We have a family...
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