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  1. Re: Will nipples be sore no matter what in the beginning?

    From everything I've read it really depends on the woman... I didn't experience any pain or tenderness until my little one got his first tooth. In the beginning there was definitely some sensitivity...
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    Re: Need encouragement/help!

    How old is you little one? Is is possible you're in the midst of a growth spurt and LO is eating up all your milk right now? That could definitely explain not being able to pump more. I pump as well...
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    Re: 9 month old attatchment!

    Thanks for the advice. I do try to take him out with me as much as possible. I wish that more of my family lived close by, so that I had more oppurtunities for babysitters sometimes. I have noticed...
  4. Re: One breast producing less milk?? Is this possible?

    I had this problem from day one. I actually did have a difference in my cup sizes, but I did what the PP said about starting off on the breast that was producing less and it worked very well. I still...
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    Re: hair loss

    My son is a year old and I still have a thin spot from where I lost hair. The good news is it is filling back it, but it has taken a while. I finally stopped losing hair about 5-6 months ago....
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    Re: 9 month old attatchment!

    My son is a year old and he still will have a melt down if he thinks I am trying to leave him with someone else. He was even wary of his Dad for a while. My pediatrician says that separation anxiety...
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    Re: New soreness-from new teeth?

    I had this problem too! My son got his first tooth at 7 months, and the second one about a week and a half later. I had been lucky enough not to have experienced any tenderness up to that point, so I...
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    Re: why pulling at the nipple?

    My son used to do this too at that age. It was usually one of two reasons... he was trying to lean back a bit to see me better, or he was trying to get more of a let down. I guess they just get...
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    Re: nonstop breastfeeding

    I think it sounds like you are doing great! My son was about 4 weeks early and he nursed like this for the first month of his life. It is difficult, but I have to say a year later it has been more...
  10. Re: pulling off & screaming during breastfeeding

    Another thing it might be is colic. My son would pull off and scream when he was having colic. I personally had some problems telling when he was crying initially because of hunger or colic, but he...
  11. Temas: Yay Us!

    by mariequesada

    Re: Yay Us!

    Congrats! My son is a year old too. He will try almost anything you offer him to eat. My husband is from Costa Rica, so we eat a lot of Latin foods. Baby loves to eat beans and tortillas, but he...
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    Re: Increasing Supply / normal?

    It sounds like you're doing great to me! Just keep pumping. Try finding someplace where you can position yourself comfortably and relax (read a magazine or watch tv). Babies are the most efficient,...
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