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  1. Feeding Schedule and Number of Meals Per Day?

    I had a WIC appt today and I met directly with our nutritionalist. She told me that my DS should be eating way more solids than he is... She said that by 10 months, that he should be eating 3 meals...
  2. Re: Did my milk ever come in??? Please help!

    For some women, milk doesn't come in until 10 days after birth.

    I would start by ditching the bottles and feed only at the breast or out of a cup. Also, ditch the paci if you're using one. Your...
  3. Re: Introducing solids - do I need to feed extra water?

    My DS is 8 months old and we started solids at 7 months. While people bugged us about water, we didn't give DS tastes of water until he was right arounf 6 months. He does have a bit of water with...
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    Poll: Re: When did your lo start solids?

    We started DS on cereal in the bottle at a young age due to reflux. Stopped doing that (personal feelings about it) and waited until he showed readiness signs. We started giving him chunks of food at...
  5. Re: How much should a 7 1/2 month old eat

    My doctor says no more than 32 oz of formula in a day and not to feed him formula if he exceeds that. I disagree with that and don't follow that at all. My concern is that he's eating too many...
  6. Re: How often should a 6 month old breastfeed?

    My DS is almost 8 months old. He's been on solids for about a month now. We don't schedule our feedings of bottle or solids. To be honest, he only gets solids (spoonfed, that's how he likes it!) when...
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    Oh My Gosh!!!

    Okay, maybe I should try relactating again...

    He nursed to sleep for the first time ever! Via nipple shield, of course.

    We're all sick with the flu and I noticed earlier that when I picked him...
  8. How much should a 7 1/2 month old eat

    DS just started solid about a month ago. Lately, I've been feeding him after bottles if he seems like he is still hungry. He still eats 4-6 oz every 3-4 hours, sometimes once at night (but that is a...
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    Re: Hooray for baby-led!

    He looks sooo happy!

    We do a mix of baby led and spoon feeding (simply because DS loves to be spoon fed, strange child, lol) and it was tough to let mother nature take over. But I had faith in my...
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    Re: Back On Board!

    I have actualy stopped relactating... We still nurse when he wants to (usually once a day) but I've stopped pumping and taking herbs and such. Given the stress in my life right now (marital,...
  11. Re: Overeating? How many ounces should my 12 day old be eating in one sitting?

    Right around 12 days old, my DS went through a HUGE growth spurt... I mean HUUUUUUUUGGGGE..He ate 12 oz at once! I FREAKED and called the ped at 4am and he said to just let him eat it... As long as...
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    Cereal Question (not rice)

    When can a baby have o's cereal? DS is 7 1/2 months old and I have been considering giving him an o's cereal. Can he have multi-grain cheerios or just the plain kind? We have tons of boxes of the...
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    Just a side note: We do a mix of spoon feeding and child led feeding. Even while spoon feeding, I follow DS's cues (usually him lunging at the spoon!) and stop when he is done. I don't need info on...
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    Re: Madela Wipes

    I personally hated the wipes... It never felt to me like the parts were clean!

    I would invest in additional parts to make your life easier.... It might seem a bit costly but if you add up how much...
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    Re: when to start ect. ect.

    Sometimes as much as we want to EBF for the first 12 months, babies are usually ready earlier than that. Not to say that ALL babies are... BUT if your DD is watching you eat and mimicing, I would...
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    Re: Mama2Caleb2006

    i got the pm but am going through some crap right now so i haven't really had time to write back. i will get to you though. i'm sorry, dh and i are on the verge of a divorce, losing our apartment and...
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    Re: Can I borrow my best friend's pump?

    I am with the PP.... Ideally, no... But if you know her and trust her... Why not? It's really a personal decsion.

    I personally own a used medela PISA. I couldn't afford to buy one new ($350!) and...
  18. Re: Anyone have experience using "More Milk Plus"??

    I use more milk plus. I think it works well. No side effects on me or baby here... Well, except for more milk, lol!

    Good luck!
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    Back On Board!

    It's 1:27am and I pumped once for 15 min. I also took 30mg of Domperidone after that. I will pump again when I get up at 8:00am. I would wake up in a few hours but I am mega tired and would rather...
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    Re: warmed breastmilk longevity?

    I've read only one hour...
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    Re: How much water should a bf bb drink?

    My DS is 7 months old and LOVES water. I give it in a regular cup (he does make a mess, lol) with any solid foods he eats. Babies don't NEED water however it's good for them to get used to drink a...
  22. Re: Baby-led weaning for bottle-fed baby

    First, if the baby stops eating and turns away, don't push him! Think of it this way... If you breastfed, you wouldn't be able to see how many oz the baby is taking.

    If the baby wakes at night to...
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    Re: Jarred fruit

    Try going to a whole foods store... you may be able to find jarred fruits without all the added sugars...

    I think frozen fruit would be fine too! Just watch for your added sugars!
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    Re: 3 month old eating less than normal

    I honestly wouldn't worry about it! AS long as his weight gain is well and he's happy, healthy and meeting milestones, let him set the pace... If he were physically breastfed, you wouldn't be able to...
  25. Re: Baby-led weaning for bottle-fed baby

    My baby is bottle fed (formula) and I feed on demand. I feed my DS the same way I would breastfeed... For however long he wants and how often he wants.

    We used to do a dreamfeed as well and...
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