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    Using a Dummy?

    My two-week old baby girl was 7lb2oz at birth, dropped to 6lbs10oz at her lowest, and now at two weeks, is 8lb6oz. She seems to want to eat all the time, which isn't a problem for me, but sometimes,...
  2. Refusing bottle, frustrating all around...

    My LO will be six months just after Christmas, and I am returning to work beginning in January. I have been anticipating this transition and have been trying to introduce a bottle every now and then...
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    spit up

    I'm just wondering if spitting up is normal for a BF baby, and what causes my LO to spit up occasionally, but not nearly as much as her formula fed cousin? Should I worry if she suddenly spits up 3...
  4. Re: 3 month old nursing all.night.long! Help

    I was very uncomfortable with side laying at first also, could just not get used to the feeling but someone told me to try resting my head on my arm kind of folded under the pillow (if that makes...
  5. Re: 3 month old nursing all.night.long! Help

    My only suggestion for you getting more sleep would be to ask if you have tried side-laying nursing in your bed? My LO likes to snack for several hours thru the night and the only way I get any...
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    Re: I Need Help!

    I just wanted to update my first post and let those of you who responded know that things are getting much, much better! My DD is 8 weeks old now and we are almost to a place where I can nurse...
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    I Need Help!

    I am a first time mother to a baby girl who is 5 weeks old. I am concerned I may have a yeast infection even though my baby shows no symptoms of thrush. I had severely sore nipples in the...
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