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  1. Block feeding...one boob getting "neglected" through the night hours?

    I've been feeding my 3 week old by offering one breast per feeding, and then switching to the other side at the next feeding approximately 2-3 hours later. (If he does seem to want to nurse more...
  2. Temas: Reflux

    by @llli*msan

    Re: Reflux

    this is pretty much exactly the experience I'm having with my 3 week old. I'd love to see some responses!
  3. Re: Fussy and gassy after he nurses...especially at night

    Thank you for the replies... it's good to know others have gone through this! I have been leaning back and doing different positions to help him with the fast letdown, I also have done side-lying,...
  4. Fussy and gassy after he nurses...especially at night

    My baby is almost 3 weeks old and this week especially has become very gassy and fussy after eating, especially at night. I have been dealing with a big oversupply of milk, engorgement, and fast let...
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