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  1. Re: She STOPPED taking a bottle... at 8 months!

    Well, she's refused bottles and sippy cups for 3 days now. Still nursing great, and yes, she did seem to wake up earlier than normal today (3:30!). And we've tried several different bottles and sippy...
  2. She STOPPED taking a bottle... at 8 months!

    I tried to see if anyone else had had this same problem. My DD is now refusing the bottle when I'm at work. Still nursing fine. :shrug She did great for like 4 months (since I had to go back) but now...
  3. Re: Not ready yet! DD only 8 months old!!

    Thank you again for more ideas. I'm hoping it's not the pump, because I'm using one of the hospital ones (one of the perks of working at the hospital!), a Medela symphony. There are two and I've...
  4. Re: Not ready yet! DD only 8 months old!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :hug It's already a better day today, especially since I'm home with her! I have mainly felt this way the last few days because my family has had a new stress and...
  5. Not ready yet! DD only 8 months old!!

    Hi all... I'm just desperately seeking support but yet at the same time praying that I won't need it for long, that we're just in a funk. My sweet girl is only 8 months old and my supply has been...
  6. Re: Pumping with small breasts? Low supply!!

    Thank you both for the replies. Sorry it's been so long since I've been on here. But now I'm even more discouraged cause it seems my supply is dwindling even more since my family has had a majorly...
  7. Pumping with small breasts? Low supply!!

    Hi there. I'm new to LLL posts, but LOVE all the support going on around here! :grouphug
    Here's my problem: my milk supply is dropping, as I see now is common with those of us that have to work and...
  8. Re: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    I JUST saw that video for the first time day before yesterday. So cool, and yes, inspiring!! I was so sure it would work for me... still hopeful! I've only tried it twice now, and yes, it definitely...
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    Re: to supplement or not?

    Thank you for the website! I've never tried this before but have problems with decreasing milk supply when I work & pump also!
  10. How much/how often when working part time

    I'm a first-time mama to a 7 1/2 month old baby girl, who works 3-4 days a week :cry while she's in daycare. We started solids at about 5 months, and are now doing 2 meals a day. I have to BF her at...
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