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  1. Re: Going back to work part time...how to organize nursing

    I can tell you what I used to do, during the time I was pumping just to freeze milk during a freezer stash. I used to pump in the mornings when I was fullest. I think this is true for a lot of moms...
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    Re: At work and Pump not working

    I think you'll be fine. One slightly less productive session is not going to have any lasting effect. 3 ounces by hand expression is great! You might have to throw in an extra pump session later...
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    Re: Short-notice travel/field work

    That's great advice. You will also want to look into all the procedures for either flying with breastmilk or shipping breastmilk on dry ice. If you create and then use a multi-day freezer stash,...
  4. Re: Going back to work part time...how to organize nursing

    I think you just schedule your appointments as you need to, allowing a little time before and in between for nursing. I never had to do much "convincing" my baby to nurse -- every time I offered, he...
  5. Re: How do you distribute EBM to caregiver for the day?

    This is so weird. Most day cares will not clean bottles. It takes time and effort away from caring for the children. In fact in some states (including mine) it's not permitted by licensing...
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    Re: Pumping and swimming

    I went swimming plenty while breastfeeding. I never had any issues with it. I actually found a bathing suit to be an easy piece of clothing to nurse in :) Just push the cup down a bit and pop baby...
  7. Re: Ok to prepare BM bottles night before?

    Yup, that's how I always did it :) Assuming it was freshly pumped milk from that day, I made up the bottles that night, and the next morning just grab and go for daycare. (Now if I was using...
  8. Re: work travel around age 2 - what will it look like?

    Thanks ladies. Reassuring. I am leaning towards at least doing the shorter of the two trips. I need to seriously consider the longer one though, I'm not as easily sold on that!

    Since I first...
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    Re: Terrible fridge at work

    I was not crazy about the Medela wipes. They do fine for big pieces like the flanges since you can reach all the surfaces, but they won't get into the nooks and crannies of the valves and connectors,...
  10. work travel around age 2 - what will it look like?

    Hi ladies. I have the opportunity to travel to a few conferences this spring for work. I haven't done hardly any professional development in the past few years and these particular trainings would...
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    Re: nursing like a newborn :/

    Oh my gosh, ladies, we now have a WORD for nursing as well as a sign, so he is asking for it all. the. time. It's kind of cute ("nuss! nuss!" with both fists doing the sign for milk very...
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    Re: Milk in tubing

    the only time i got milk in the tubing was if i accidentally let the containers fill to the point where the pumped milk was rising above the bottom of the valve/membranes. then the suction would...
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    Re: nursing like a newborn :/

    Thanks ladies. Glad I'm not alone. For now I'm just waiting it out, pretty much nursing on demand at night, and during the day if I am feeling nursed out, I will offer water, snacks, playtime...
  14. Re: Frequency of Nursing--4 month old

    Yes on everything above. Your baby will communicate to you what she needs, and you are doing great because you are listening to her! Sure, you can MAKE a baby wait longer between meals, but that...
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    Re: Breakfast

    ^I agree with everything Still.Here said!

    And you could always just send a small breakfast portion for her, to start anyway, to the DCP ... that way even if she's really into it, she's still...
  16. Re: Night nursing, co-sleeping, and serious sleep deprivatio

    Hugs mama. That sounds like a pretty rough stretch. We've all been there and its no fun!

    I'm sure you've already taken him to the doctor, but do you think there's any chance a secondary illness...
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    nursing like a newborn :/

    My 18 month old is nursing ALL. THE. TIME.

    It's really weird because he was down to like 3 nursing sessions during the day (wake-up, nap /or/ daycare pickup, and bedtime -- all baby-led, I'm just...
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    Re: milk donation

    Let me clear up a few facts about HMBANA milk banks, as I was an approved milk donor to a HMBANA milk bank.

    The donated milk must be pumped prior to baby's 1 year birthday. The amount of time it...
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    Re: 12 Months and Deciding What's Next

    My pump weaning experience, starting at 12 mos, and our current nursing routine at 18 mos, is very similar to what Debbers describes.

    We also don't give cow milk because my son rejected it! ...
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    Re: Biting

    Hi Morgansmom, here are my suggestions on biting. We worked through a short but rough patch of biting (with teeth as well) so I scoured the internet for resources to help resolve it!

    The cause...
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    Re: "Biting" without teeth?

    Mommal's suggestions are good. My son started teething around 4 mos and his latch started to get a bit clampy as well. I didn't intervene as intentionally and consistently as I probably should have...
  22. Re: Waiting for Baby to self-feed..need advice

    Your doc sounds a bit old-school. Some of them are just like that -- as if babies are all manufactured to the same specifications, and if yours is doing something differently or out of order,...
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    Re: Evening cluster feeding

    In my experience when they fuss and root like that RIGHT after they've nursed, it's just that being at the breast is so satisfying and calming and feels safe. I think it's really hard to be so new...
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    Re: How to combine breastmilk??

    the only caution i will give is about combining fresh milk with previously frozen. the freshly pumped milk has a longer shelf life in your fridge (like up to 5 days). previously frozen milk, once...
  25. Re: Is it normal for one breast to produce more??

    ^Agree with bfwmomof3's advice above.

    I have always had an imbalance. I had a slight oversupply in the beginning, and baby preferred the less dominant side (I think because the higher supply one...
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