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  1. Re: 3 day old baby. Boobs rock-hard and painful. Baby losing weight. ?!*@!*

    Oh hugs!!! I've been there!! I did not respond to a pump either in the early days. See if you can hand express and maybe give it a try in the shower. This will hopefully soften you up enough for...
  2. Re: Sleep questions - ftm of 2mo old

    Congrats on your first baby!!! Enjoy each moment as they do pass so quickly :)

    It does seem to strange that a tired baby will not just go to sleep. There are the rare few who do but....I think...
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    Re: help! my baby wont eat

    Does he begin to cry and pull off before or after your milk lets down?
  4. Re: We did it - after 6 weeks! Some questions...

    Way to stick with it and get baby to the breast!!!! :clap

    They are like little hoover vacuums aren't they!!?? There is no way to make them such more gently as far as I know but latching...
  5. Re: FTM with a few questions.. any help appreciated.

    I was told that the lipstick shaped nipple specifically means that the latch is not deep enough. I had this problem in the beginning and I mentioned it to my midwife. She nursed two kids for 3...
  6. Re: want to stop giving formula! is it too late?

    It can be so tough building your supply and always wondering about milk supply. You are doing a great job so hang in there!!

    Domperidone is by RX only. You will have to call your OB to write an...
  7. Re: Late night (early morning) feeding frenzy

    :hug Those first 6 weeks are so hard, tiring, exhausting!!! I remember having nights where I cried just out of exhaustion, because baby was awake and wanting to eat yet again...we've all been...
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    Re: Paci???

    I thnk it's best to wait until nursing is well established and baby clearly has a good latch consistently. My LC with my last baby recommended the "gumdrop" brand pacifer so that is what I've used...
  9. Re: Really struggling with lots of pain (sorry long)

    Is the damage getting any worse though? I had a very bad abrasion on one of my nipples and I thought it was never going to heal (how could it with a nursing baby, right?!) and it was painful to...
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    Re: 5 minute nursing sessions?

    Ive actually had two different friends who had babies that would nurse like yours. Both had tremendous milk supplies and their kiddos just filled up very quickly. Like the others said, just count...
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    Re: yeast?

    I would highly recommend following Dr Newmans protocol and using some gentian violet on baby. Most pharmacies keep it behind the counter or some health food stores carry it ;)
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    Re: yeast?

    I'm typing with one hand so my short answer is that it stills possibly sounds like yeast. Here is a link to dr newmans yeast protocol which is known to be effective :...
  13. Re: Really struggling with lots of pain (sorry long)

    I would also add that I highly highly recommend getting some of the Medela soft shells for sore nipples. These have bend a saving grace for me as I've healed. They allow for moist wound healing and...
  14. Re: Really struggling with lots of pain (sorry long)

    :hug I have been there!!!! SO many of us have!!!! I can assure that YES it will get better...I don't know when but it will! Its great that you have the APNO as it will help deter infection and...
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    Re: Abrasion on Nipple - Help!

    Here is a link about healing nipple wounds:http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/nipplehealing.html
    I would also suggest lots of air drying. When you are finished nursing apply some breastmilk...
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    Re: How much water?

    I drink about 5, 16 oz. Glasses a day probably? I've read to just drink to thirst and have also read that drinking an excess of water can decrease supply.
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