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  1. Re: Exercise and breast feeding. Also pain in breasts

    I get those weird pains too...have been trying to figure out what they are! This is the second baby I have nursed...I don't remember having those pains with my first...but she is 11 now, so maybe I...
  2. Re: Weaning from a nipple shield, any suggestions

    I am not sure about the arching. It is common though for newborns to nurse nearly around the clock, at least every 2 hours. Their tummies are tiny and cannot hold much, plus BM is digested fairly...
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    Re: Advice to new "leaky" mom

    Just wanted to add...I had my placenta encapsulated (this is my 2nd LO) and I felt so much better this time around. Stopped bleeding around day 10 PP, had pretty decent energy, tons of milk and...
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    Pumping for baby in hospital

    Hey, all...I am new here.
    Quick back story...I had planned a home birth with a midwife. However, I was driving home yesterday from doing errands, and I had a major contraction at 12:42. I kept...
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