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    Dry patch on breast?

    I have noticed for about a month now a small dry patch on the underside of my breast. Sometimes it itches terribly. I put Lansinoh cream on it to stop the itching, but am wondering if it...
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    Re: Pumping in the car

    I pump dailey on my commute and the tricks are to put already assembled bottle and flanges in a gallon size bag with the caps on the bottom. I have a bag for work and one for my commute. That way...
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    Re: Medela Lactina vs Symphony

    They are both really good pumps. The Symphony is sleeker than the lactina, which may be easier for you to transport if you are working. If you are just looking to build back your milk supply, I...
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    Re: Food Sensitivity?

    mostly yes. the redness can extend up her face, but I think it's where her hand rubs the sauce over it. I had not seen it since I discontinued the tomato items, and just to test, gave her a bite of...
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    Food Sensitivity?

    My dd is 10 months old and was eating some solids very well. I would let her be adventurous and eat bites from my plate of things like lasagna ect. I noticed a few weeks ago her face was breaking out...
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    Re: Heartbroken

    My daughter went on a nursing strike for a month at 3.5 months, and it took that long to get a successful relatch. The most important thing I ever read was this "a child younger than a year, rarely...
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    Re: severe back arching - please help!!

    My LO did the exact same thing and you are probably right with the reflux. I knew something was wrong and my pediatrician said she was just fussy the first couple of months. Only when I started...
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    Milk supply adjustment?

    My 7 mo DD went through a nursing strike about 6 weeks ago that was off and on for a month. I pretty much exclusively pumped where I was able to get nearly 8-9 ounces off one breast and build a...
  9. Re: Can I take this medication while nursing?

    I refer to The Nursing Mothers Companion by Kathleen Huggins for information on medications, since over the course of a nursing relationship you want to check the safety of everything, especially...
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    Re: Eliminating Night Feedings?

    Thanks guys! I just got this horrible feeling reading some of the methods of teaching sleep habits. My LO obviously has a need, and for me to ignore it and "teach" them that I will not respond would...
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    Eliminating Night Feedings?

    I just went to my 6 month check up and my pediatrician told me I needed to eliminate her night feedings because at her age she does not need them. She only wakes up and nurses for about 20 minuets...
  12. Re: uneven supply, low supply. lopsided and stressed!

    I am also severely lopsided. I had a low supply anyways in lefty and then got a bout of mastitis that has nearly killed it. On a good day I average about 1/2 an ounce, but righty will give me 8oz on...
  13. Re: Help! Introduced a bottle and now she refuses to breastfeed

    I just endured my second nursing strike, which lasted almost a month and I only suggest this if all else fails, because like you, my LO refused the breast because of teething, and then a cold and did...
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    getting baby back on breast

    hello everyone!
    Long story short, about a month ago my 5.5 month old started teething and went on a nursing strike. With much patience, I was able to get her back on the breast but it took about 2...
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    pumping on vacation

    I am going on the road for a week and I wanted a recommendation on the best way to travel and pump. I will have access to electricity, and thought about just taking the pump unit out to the carry bag...
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    Re: Pumping while driving

    I am so glad to know I am not crazy for doing this!!!! I do this on my 45 minuet commute to work after dropping my LO off, since I know it could be 5 hours until I can pump again. The car adapter is...
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    storing breastmilk while ill

    I have an odd question. I have a cold/ sinus infection right now, but I am not on antibiotics. The LO has a bit of a runny nose too, but I know my antibodies are the best thing for her. I do make a...
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    Re: Clogged duct 10 days!

    The only thing that clears up my clogged ducts is ice packs and ibuprofin. I take an icepack and put it in a sock and tuck it into my bra and wear it constantly and change it when it starts to...
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    Teething and refusal to nurse

    My LO will be 5 months old next week. For the past month or so she has refused to nurse during the day, but was fine at night. I would pump to prevent engorgement and protect supply, and give...
  20. Re: Mastitis, pumping, no let down, no milk, no nothing

    I had mastitis on my left side and lost the milk too. It was never a good producer, and I was doing the drops too.... Don't give up! My LO refused to latch because there was no milk, but I kept...
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    Re: Mastitis & Milk Production

    Don't give up on the nursing! I got mastitis and lost my milk supply in 24 hours. I have yet to get it back in the left the way it was (2-3)oz, it's .5 average now. Luckily my right gives the 5-6 she...
  22. Re: No milk, Mastitis... Will it return?

    She wont nurse, she latches for a moment and since there is no milk coming out she gets upset and will not latch again. That was the pickle that got me into this place! I seemed to be doing fine with...
  23. No milk, Mastitis... Will it return?

    Hey Everyone,
    I need some help if you have experienced this.... My LO is nearly 3 months old and I have struggled to get her to nurse on my left side. It is slower flowing/less producing and has a...
  24. Re: Giving up the nipple shield, need advice!

    Thanks everyone!
    I will give it some more time. My supply is great and the LO is gaining weight well! She is a happy little eater, I will sacrifice a little convenience for that any day. I will...
  25. Giving up the nipple shield, need advice!

    Working closely with a LC and finding out my left nipple would never form, even with the assistance of shells, I had to use a shield to get my LO to nurse. She did a natural latch on the right side...
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