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    Re: Iron suppliments

    The nurses in the NICU told me to give it to my son with about 15cc's of BM. He was sent home with iron and multi-vitamin supplements. We mixed the BM with both. He doesn't spit it out, although...
  2. Re: Transition from NICU schedule to more of a demand schedule - HOW?

    My son was born two months premature and was in the NICU for almost two months. In regards to waking him for his feeds, our pediatrician had us do this until he was was 1 month old corrected (at...
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    Re: Milk Supply

    he is two months corrected. I don't know what exactly caused the decrease but it happened just before he came home. He's now taken to bf, but it seems as if I never have enough milk and most of the...
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    Milk Supply

    My son was born two months premature so I wasn't able to breast feed him for two months. When I started to BF, he didn't do very well because he was accustomed to the bottle. So my milk supply has...
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