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    Re: What no one ever told you????

    No one ever told me that breastfeeding was the first of many lessons in parenthood, that there is always a first and always a last. First nursing, crawling, walking, then the school bus, driving,...
  2. Re: Milk supply - not sure how to post on the milk supply thread

    Thank you everyone for your feedback. My son is getting solid foods so i know he can eat more if he wants, but i'm fearful he isn't getting the calcium he should be. He's also only 15lbs 7 oz at...
  3. Milk supply - not sure how to post on the milk supply thread

    Hi. I tried to post on the milk supply thread, but couldn't figure out if it is closed or something. Anyway, my son is 9 1/2 months old and very small. We've struggled with allergies and I am...
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    Re: one breast larger

    My baby is nine months old and my left breast is still visibly larger than the right. They seem to produce equal amounts of milk.
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    Easy Expressions Bustier

    I am looking to purchase the Easy Expressions Bustier online, as none are available in my area, and am curious if someone could help me with sizing. My back is good-sized, but my breast size is not...
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