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    Re: Strawberries

    We introduced them around 10 or 11 months, but have no allergies in the family. It went well, as most fruits did :D
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    Re: Asking to nurse...but not doing it?

    My 22 month old still does this, It's just her way of checking in, sometimes she'll latch on for 5 seconds, and sometimes she'll just give them a quick cuddle, then off again. Wondering how long...
  3. Re: Not sure where else to post this....

    There is honestly NO logical reason not to. You don't want to waste the milk, and your daughter could still benefit from it, I say go for it!

    I have one due in April and am still BFing my almost 2...
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    Re: I had to share...

    While shopping in the mall once my 20 month old looked up and me and used her code word "Boo-Boo's?" I said "Just wait for a few more shops and then we can have boo boos" I didn't even know anybody...
  5. Re: How to wean when she wont drink milk?

    Try googling "vegan baby" or "vegan kid nutrition" If your DD doesn't want to drink cow's milk, it shouldn't be that big of an issue, in fact there is a lot of skeptisism out there on if children or...
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    Re: Adding Cereal to BM in Bottle

    Adding cereal to any liquid to be fed by bottle is a dangerous route to take. Have you tried different foods? My DD wouldn't eat cereal and wasn't taking solids well untill we ditched to spoon and...
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    Re: For a friend

    The lack of proper support for breastfeeding women is truly heartbreaking. This will be an emotional time your your friend so be sure to encourage her keep her chin up, regardless of her decision.
  8. Re: Where is the acrobatic nursing that I have read about??

    My DD stated to move around a lot at about 10 months (the same time she started walking). I would love to have her just sit there and calmly nurse again, and she does at 3am, but that's about it....
  9. Re: starting solids - worried about choking?

    I agree with PP.
    I had troubles with solid foods in the begining, until we discovered child-led solids, ditched the spoon and haven't looked back.

    Our DD has never choked, she gagged once when I...
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    Re: Oh..they hurt and I need more milk...

    Congrats on the Little One! Good for you for choosing to breastfeed, what a wonderful thing you are doing for your DD.

    I think 3oz from each side at 7 weeks is WONDERFUL! You'll only be able to...
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    Re: How old is too old to breastfeed?

    I think 'too old' is diffrent for everybody. I don't think it reaches that untill either mother or LO's daily life is affected negatively by the relationship.

    I think if the mom still wants to and...
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    Another happy birthday!

    My DD Kaylee turned 1 a few days ago and I'm so very proud to say we have a very good nursing relationship! We had nothing but troubles for the first 3 months of her life, but got through it together...
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    Re: Solids and Dropping a Nursing Session

    Sounds pretty normal to me, I'd just let your LO eat on demand as much as possible and just keep an eye on his weight and diapers, my DD went back and forth between having a couple of 2pm feedings be...
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    Re: should we start solids

    I also would wait, sounds like you know whats best for your LO!! :D
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    Re: Do Lilly Padz really work?

    My Lily Padz worked for me and lost thier stickyness after a while, I also got mastitis because I used them too often and you are unable to leak when you are engorged, but I learned my lesson!They...
  16. Re: Feel like giving up..................................

    Normally ie formula? That breaks my heart.

    Sounds like you might need some proper support, Look up LC's in your phonebook, Call your local LLL!

    Good for you for breastfeeding, by the way,...
  17. Re: Child-led weaning and cow's milk question...

    Thanks for the link! She is very busy and learning many new things, and I do get the feeling that she'll pick up more later.

    I found the information very useful and it calmed my nerves a bit ;)
  18. Re: Cholesterol Levels and Breastfeeding: UPDATE

    I don't think your complaining will do much, but I would like to encourage you to do it anyways. Talk with as many people as possible and when you do, mention the pregnancy thing..this just blows my...
  19. Child-led weaning and cow's milk question...

    My LO who will be 12 months on thursday seems to be weaning more and more these days, yesterday and today she only nursed 2 or 3 times throughout the whole day, I offer much more than that but she...
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    Re: Ds is ONE today!

    Good for you, mommy!!

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    Re: Milk storage guidelines

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    The mom buffet

    My DD feels the need to have both breasts out all the time, so she can go back and forth and back and forth, even at night when she is half asleep! I don't mind most of the time, but sometimes in...
  23. Re: soon to start solids and feeling guilty

    Oh you sound like such a good mom! My Doctor just about lost it when I explained the child-led solids to him, but got over it pretty quick when he saw that DD gained well and developed ahead of...
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    Re: Milk storage guidelines

    :) My health care region suggests that the amount of time milk can be safe to leave in the fridge is about 48 hours, freezer (seperate) 2 months and deep freeze 4 months...and in room temp. for only...
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    Re: Milk storage guidelines

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