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  1. Re: finally latched but now refusing breast. Is it the thrush?

    That is tough, but you have already been through hell and back...so you can do it!!!

    I would suggest a lot of skin to skin to start. Have you tried nursing after baby is satiated? Consider trying...
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    Re: Soreness and Milk Clots?

    I am not sure that the MD is correct when calling these clots "yeast". I would be very nervous that you have a bacterial infection. The fact that your nipples are so damaged could certainly set you...
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    Re: Painful breastfeeding

    This is NOT normal. In the beginnning you may feel a small pull and tug, this is the normal occurance of the skin being pulled and stretched in a new way. Bleeding and scabbing is not okay, have you...
  4. Re: Preparing for Alternative to Colostrum

    The first milk is colostrom and even if you tandem nurse, the breastmilk will transistion back to colostrom. Relactation is very possible and it is best to start as soon out from birth as possible....
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    Re: Need help with colicky baby....

    I feel for you. My youngest (now 10 months old), literally cried from 2 weeks of age up until 8 months!!! Everyone said, wait for four months...that day cames and went. It was certainly trying, but...
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    Re: 1 week old not gaining weight

    [B]y day of life 3 we want to see babies start to gain weight. First rule of thumb is always; Feed the baby. That being said, I would suggest that you double pump with a double electric (preferably...
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    Re: day 3 - dry mouth

    Congrats on the new babY!!!:clap:clap:clap
    Keep on eye on baby's output. by day of life three you should see a change in stool color...what color are they? Dry mouth can be a sign of dehydration...
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    Re: Engorgment issues

    For engorgement...stay away from warm compresses!!! Engorgement is swelling and heat can further exacerbate the swelling...between feeds use ice and then you can use warmth (when you latch baby) to...
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    Re: Not really enjoying nursing...

    I must say that I am saddened and stunned by some of the reactions I received after my post. I was always under the assumption that LLL was a forum of support and encouragement for BF mothers. Are...
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    Re: Not really enjoying nursing...

    Breastfeeding has NOTHING to do with mothering. There are so many wonderful moms (moms that I wish I could be) that do not give their babies BM. I commend you for doing something that you don't enjoy...
  11. Re: Should milk supply increase as baby gets older?

    The amount of milk needed for infant growth is estimated at 2.5 to 3 times their body weight in ounces per day for the first 6 months of life.
    And despite what many comments have said, you bodies...
  12. Re: Montgomery Tubercles and breastfeeding

    I sincerely hope that the LC you saw in the hospital was not an IBCLC, if she was...that is just sad:cry.
    Of course, you can nurse on the side that has the inversion!!!!! And I am so happy you...
  13. Re: 10 week old and a very low BM supply what to do now?

    Certainly stop timing feeds. Allow baby to finish on one side, after he comes off on own/ or suck pattern slows, offer him the other breast. Also, you may want to consider pumping 8+ times a day. You...
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    Re: 1 month and mounting frustrations

    How many times a day are you supplementing? I agree you that you should be pumping if you are supplementing. I don't agree that Medela is much better than LAnsinoh and suggest you stick with your...
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    Re: favoritism

    We see babies with shoulder dystocia preferring one side usually because she is in pain. I think what you are doing is spot on in regards to going from a cro-ss-cradle to a football hold (you can...
  16. Re: Montgomery Tubercles and breastfeeding

    what exactly does it look like??? Montgomery glands can become infected...there are also things called blebs that can be very painful. I have never heard of montgomery glands causing pain without any...
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    Re: Breast Pain, PLEASE HELP!!

    sounds like a possible mastitis...have feedings become spread out more, or are they irregular. It sounds like the plugged duct wasn't 100% resolved and is now back or becoming an inflammation.
  18. Re: Frequency of feedings at 2 months +

    Once your baby is back up to birthweight, and he is gaining accordingly, you do NOT have to wake him up to nurse anymore. More sleep for him, means more sleep for you. Make sure he is eating 8+ times...
  19. Re: Exclusively Expressed Breastmilk-What Bottles?

    How recently have you noticed this? I ask because around 6 weeks, babies go through a growth spurt. Symptoms of growth spurts inclide fussiness, crying, fatiques, insomnia etc.
  20. Re: Breastfeeding PROBLEMS PLEASE HELP

    Congrats on your little one!!!!
    Around 2 weeks of age, the extreme fullness (not engorement) that you felt early on in the PP period should decrease. You body is getting itself into a schedule of...
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    Re: bleeding nipple - HELP PLEASE

    I am a little weary of the idea that this is thrush...if your baby is better and you took diflucan, and are still having worsening sx...it seems like it may be bacterial as opposed to fungal....
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    Re: Milk Supply Question

    At 6 weeks of life, your baby goes through a growth spurt. In order for him to increase your supply to meet his growing needs, he needs to go to breast a lot more frequently. The frustration is...
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    Re: Lost and need help...

    In addition to the fact that your baby may be doing some non-active sucking...I am not a huge fan of "non-nutritive" because he is always getting milk...he is also due for his first growth spurt...
  24. Re: 1st Time Mom needs some milk production help!!

    Certainly give your baby that pumped milk!!! Crazy that your pedi told you that...anyway, BF is supply and demand, we need you to be doing much more stimulation. BF or pump 8+ times a day. Take a...
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    Re: heavy spit-up

    I have a question for you...does your baby seem uncomfortable when he spits up? As long as it doesn't bother him there is no need to adjust diet or be concerned. Plenty of babies spit up and it is...
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