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  1. Re: *beyond* sleepy--and beyond frustrated

    I had the same thing with mine. He would sleep and not wake up...he is four y/o and still doesn't wake up unless good and ready! I don't know how often you feed him, but make sure you don't let him...
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    Re: Why does she do that?

    My daughter was a perfect nurser, and she would spit up every meal. My DS didn't do it and I knew it wasn't reflux as I researched that. Turned out she was sensitive to dairy in my diet. As soon as I...
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    Re: 3 weeks old and not sleeping alone

    I agree with kst.7399, its not about the mom anymore. There are just sacrifices we make because we love our babies. One other thing i would add. If one is too sleep deprived, your body and mind are...
  4. Re: just had baby 5 days ago and nipple question...

    Oh and one other thing...when the baby goes through a growth spurt, expect non stop feeding!!! (well at least it seems like it;))
  5. Re: just had baby 5 days ago and nipple question...

    i had the same issue w my first. Turned out I had a bad latch and the recommendations for feeding every three hours is hog wash--at least at first. The first few weeks, i found it was best (with my...
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    Re: Allergies?

    My DS had and still has rash all over from head to chest. I was concerned but our pediatrician said its what he calls "watershed." It covers wherever water would hit if standing in the rain. Lots of...
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    Re: Advice on BFing after EPing

    I had pretty much the same problem with my oldest son, now age 4. I think the cause was nipple confusion, as he was given a paci in the hospital (i didn't know better then) and we started using both...
  8. Re: Need to eliminate dairy products for baby 7wks old

    I found with my daughter who has a milk allergy, that she can tolerate goats milk. At first I thought it tasted pretty weird (the canned stuff is downright horrible unless used as cream in coffee),...
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    Re: Dairy?

    My daughter has a dairy sensitivity and I discovered this when my normally very spit-upy girl suddenly stopped spitting up so much. I thought and thought, "what changed?" and realized I hadn't eaten...
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    Re: Blood blister

    I was wondering if I was the only one to have ever had a blood blister, as I'd never heard of it happening before, and I had done extensive breastfeeding research with my firstborn as he would...
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