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    Re: Fridge to freezer? Can I do this??

    Yep, the milk is never touched by my lo or heated. I went ahead and put in in the freezer. I hope it will be okay. I did put a little note on the bag to check it when I thaw it. Thanks!
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    Fridge to freezer? Can I do this??

    I pumped about 9 ounces and put it in the fridge yesterday. So I used about 3 ounces this morning and I don't think I will need the rest before it would go bad. Can I put it in one of my milk...
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    Re: mailing or flying with EBM

    I flew without my lo and had about 70 ounces of bm in a cooler. I called the concierge at the hotel I was staying at and told them I needed dry ice to travel with a package home and they got it for...
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    Re: Just wondering....

    My oldest lo is 3 yrs old and 31 pounds and my baby is 9 months and 21 pounds! And she's a drinker!!!
  5. Re: EXTREMELY congested baby...please help

    My lo is just getting over a congestion like cold. The dr said it was viral and there was really nothing to give for it at such an age. He recommended the Vicks Baby Rub like you are using but he...
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    Re: Should she be eating more??

    I think she sounds like she is doing fine. My lo is almost 9 months and gets cereal and fruit for breakfast, 1 jar and for dinner she gets a little cereal, 1 veggie jar and maybe half fruit or...
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    Re: Post Partum?

    I take the Zoloft and have been since February. Looking back I should have gone on something after my first lo but did not. With the second baby it got to be just too much for me so I swallowed my...
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    Re: Encouragement PLEASE

    Our dr had the same mentality with my first lo. He was set that she needed formula because of her weight gain, or lack of. I was devastated and I my LC told me there was a different growth chart...
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    Re: Where is my milk????

    I just don't get it though....Saturday night I was pumping 9 oz at a time and since then it has gone to almost nothing. Lo nursed twice last night and I feel full this morning....AARrggghhh!! So...
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    Where is my milk????

    I have no idea what is going on!!! My lo is almost 9 months and has been eating cereal for a couple weeks and a little fruit. She is cutting her first two teeth and has been nursing well. I try to...
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    Re: Pressure to quit?

    I had tons of pressure with my first lo to quit. We had a horrible time at first just getting the latch down, I had mastitis twice, it was awful. People told me too that she would be fine on...
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    Re: Pregnant and Exclusively Pumping?

    I didn't pump but did breastfeed when I got pg with my second lo. My dd was about 18 months at the time. She had started eating solids but was still nursing about 6 times a day. I think that you...
  13. Re: Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

    I don't know how much help I can offer but I do encourage you to stick it out. When I had my first lo she came on a Tuesday. By that night my nipples were raw and I was thinking what is going...
  14. Re: How many shields and valves do you have?

    Okay, so I must have been under a rock the past 3 years. I didn't realize I could put the pieces in the fridge or just rinse and leave them out!! Thanks ladies! You just relieved my dish pan...
  15. How many shields and valves do you have?

    I ask b/c I feel like I wash breastpump pieces all day. I have 4 sets: valves, shields, etc. I usually pump one breast at a time but still feel like I wash and sterlize all day. How many do most...
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    Re: silly question!

    It is likely that the good thick milk is still in the breast. That will fill baby up in a jiffy! No pump is ever strong enough to totally empty the breast.
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    Re: Low suction when pumping

    What about the tubing that connects from the pump to the actual breastshield/valve piece? Sometimes after I use the tubing for a long time, several months I have to replace it. It has something to...
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    Poll: Re: Avent vs. Medela?

    I started with the Medela swing too. I loved it. I bought it b/c before I had my first lo I didn't know if breastfeeding was going to be for us really. Obviously breastfeeding did work and I...
  19. Re: Closest bottle to BF latch?? tried Breastflow nipple collapsed?

    As for the Avent bottles, did you try the slow flow level 1 nipple? It has worked really well for my dd and she has no problem switching between the breast and that particular nipple. It was the...
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    Re: Using freezer stash

    With my first lo I had a huge freezer stash and I am a SAHM. As I pumped milk I would put it in the back of the freezer pile so that when I pulled from the stash I would get what had been frozen the...
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    Poll: Re: pumping and menstrual cycle, a poll

    With my first lo Af didn't return until she was about 18 months old!! I never noticed a supply issue but I wasn't pumping and dd was nursing on demand and didn't seem to notice a difference either. ...
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    Re: take a bottle, please!

    We had the same battle with my first lo. It was really hard. I could never get her to take the bottle, she wouldn't have it!!! So I have never given either one of my girls a bottle. But what we...
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    Re: maintaining/increasing milk supply

    A good idea might be when you are home to only offer the breast. The skin to skin contact will help to continue the stimulating of your milk. Have you thought about fenugreek? I swear by it. It...
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    Re: Storage questions - please!

    Oklamom....I pump into the little medela bottles as well, they hold 5oz. And when I would pour that into the Lasinoh bags, the bag would say 5 oz but the Medela bag doesn't read the same. It says...
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    Re: Will nipple shield help ?

    I don't know that I will be of much help but I am a fan of the nipple shield when needed. I think you should see a lactation consultant if possible. That is where I got my nipple shield. I think...
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