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  1. Re: 3 year old nursling - making my life miserable

    I'm going through this currently. She can spend all day even night away from me and be fine, but when I'm around its feels constant. Especially when I'm trying to work with my 5 year old, can be...
  2. stuffy nose, no nursing, engorged, help!

    My 14 mo old dd is in hyper excitement mode of the world, constantly on the go PLUS has a awful stuffy nose which makes it so she cannot nurse well (can't breathe). She's also teething molars but...
  3. Re: 5 day old, engorged + 2.5 year old nursling HELP!

    Thank you, I will chill out, no he's not draining the breast at this point.
  4. 5 day old, engorged + 2.5 year old nursling HELP!

    I need help, I have a 5 day old DD who is a champ at the breast, she poops and pees great so I know she's getting enough. I had her via ceasarean b/c she was breech, but latched and fed right away. ...
  5. plugged ducts, in pain don't know what to do

    Ds(15 mos) has been sick for the last 4 days, cough, snotty, teething to boot and has not wanted to drink much milk at all, maybe 2 good feeds in the past 2 nights and one full day :( He has not...
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    Re: mastitis, pumping & exhusted

    I'll do it. It's hard, but I won't quit. Trying to BF a distractable, not interested baby can be defeating.
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    mastitis, pumping & exhusted

    Hi Mommas~
    I am in a bout of mastitis, i get it quite often, but this time i'm confused & frustrated.
    DS is 11 months, and discovering more and more each day. We've EB from the start, we co sleep....
  8. Re: Recurrent mastitis...7 times in 9 wk

    and drinking lots of water too! a tall glass every waking hour, i noticed this helps in myself.
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    Re: BLS- Wheat? Hummus?

    Yes, info on allergens has changed. My son is 9 months and we have successfully done hummus (organic store bought), sprouted bread, peanut butter & dairy. All babes are different however. At this...
  10. Re: Recurrent mastitis...7 times in 9 wk

    Hi Momma, I wanted to chime in too as I have had maybe 8 episodes of mastitis since my son was born 9 months ago, in varying severity, and just in the last bout went for the antibiotics as it was...
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    Re: Sore throat

    Gargle with 1/2 tsp. salt water + 1/2 tsp turmeric (in about a cup of water), do this several times a day. Drink lots of lemon/honey tea, I just put a few wrung out lemon pieces & honey with honey...
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    Re: BLS, gagging, makes me nervous

    THANK YOU! We will then move forward!
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    Re: BLS, gagging, makes me nervous

    Yes, I feel confident of child CPR, that helps. And b/c of this I only put 1 or 2 pieces in front of him. I guess I want to know that this is a phase and will get better and others have experienced...
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    BLS, gagging, makes me nervous

    I'm in need of assurance and or advice. My LO is 8 months and we've been exploring BLS for about a month now, and see that he's gradually becoming more into actually putting the food in his mouth...
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    so much mastitis

    I am currently in my 6th or 7th round of mastitis, the 3rd time paired with a fever, my babe is 6 months old. Sometimes I can catch it and it will linger just 1 day, this time i'm on my 4th day, no...
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    Re: Doctors Continue to Amaze Me

    Oh, yes, and to really get their attention, "oh and he sleeps with me in our bed", some stop right there as if this is way out of their realm of comprehension.
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    Re: Help!! REALLY sore boobs :(

    I had a similar experience around 3 months in and thought it was thrush, with just no visible symptoms. I treated it like so as I didn't want it to progress, the pain so big at times it would wake...
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    Re: Sleep questions - ftm of 2mo old

    Sounds like you are doing wonderfully already, the simple act of listening to your baby and learning his own needs and ways is the key. My LO would fall asleep nursing (still does) and mostly I...
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    Re: Refuses Bottle

    Funny my little one did the same thing, in the beginning when i'd go out he would take a bottle fine about 3 total maybe for DH, then eventually he flat out refused them, I think he figured out that...
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    Re: Worried

    you'll do great momma! it's amazing you can read, and research but the experience will lead you down the amazing path of BF and motherhood! Yes! Get the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, I read it...
  21. Re: Nipple turned nighttime pacifier....HELP!

    OH yes, the boobie as pacifier! Gordie does this, and I have just recently been taking him off by slipping my finger in his mouth to ease out the nipple, hold him another 5 min. then put him down...
  22. can't stand the DR. a little vent...

    i've always done things a little different, so this is not new territory, but at moments I get very MAD at the ignorance & ego of M.D.'s. We had G's 4 month visit yesterday and all went well. :clap ...
  23. Re: HELP!! I have a 10 week old nipple yanker...

    yeah, i have a nipple yanker too from time to time:sigh
    i found it could be a cuople things w/ my g:
    done or
    tired, if i just hold on, he'll fall asleep pretty soon.
    as i've seen here pretty...
  24. Re: Engorement + pumping + nipple trauma = please help!

    bummer momma! sorry to hear of your pain.
    have you put any nipple balm or lanolin to help heal? does the pain go away once your baby is into the feed or is it painful the whole time? as the...
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    Re: confused, frustrated, and worried

    you'll make it momma! every mom i've talked to including at one time thought their supply is low...but truly watch the diapers, if you are having at least 8 wet you're fine, the poops can vary in BF...
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