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  1. Re: 8 month old frequent nurser & "failure to thrive"

    We have had a little one with weight gain issues too. It can be frustrating. You are doing all you know how, and everyone has a different opinion. For us the pediatrician wants to increase his food...
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    Re: very confused about mucousy bm's

    Dairy sensitivity can come with a soy sensitivity.

    My oldest has both.

    His poops were weird colours (greens, browns, yellows, orange...) I never knew what to think of it!

    If you think...
  3. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Yay! We are not weaning!!! The new pediatrician totally supports my decision. She's testing for everything under the sun. (We'll spend Monday at the Children's Hospital getting tests). So, if this...
  4. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Yay! I got my pediatrician appointment, so I can cancel the appointment with the difficult GP!!! Now lets hope the Ped doesn't ask me to wean.

  5. Re: Help me teach my 7 month old to latch

    I just want to say, that it sucks when the doctor's agenda unnecessarily messes with your nursing relationship. Been there. That. is . all.

    She's still young, with some hard work, I bet you'll be...
  6. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    We haven't had any difficulties with latch this time around. At 4 months he had growth trouble, and when I introduced bottles (at doc's orders), it did mess up his latch so I stopped the bottles....
  7. Re: Ready to pump wean, but son won't drink cow milk

    My oldest did not transition well either. He weaned during my next pregnancy, but it took time for him to learn to enjoy other liquids. It will come.
  8. Re: Newly Pregnant with 2nd child~need to wean 1st?

    My babies all weaned themselves during a pregnancy. I found it the most natural way for them to wean. The milk changes flavour, and for me, my supply decreases dramatically around 12 to 15 weeks. So,...
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    Re: 10 month old, milk decreasing

    I have heard that if you clean/boil the cleanable parts, it can help the pump work better.
  10. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Yesterday, I spoke with the nurse that followed us early on when we had nursing difficulties. (Our local public health nurses visit LLL meetings as part of their training, and use the "Breastfeeding...
  11. Re: 11month old won't swallow anything other than breastmilk

    A couple of my kids ate little or nothing until 14 months, and they are normal healthy kids (2yo and 6 yo now). My 6yo is still a fussy eater, but he eats well now. As a baby, he would only eat one...
  12. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. It's so hard to know what to do when you fundamentally don't agree with your doctor's perspective.

    My LO is really not emotionally ready to wean. He is so...
  13. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Well, today was a better day. LO actually sucked on the bottle a little. He still only took 1 oz, but he was sucking rather than chewing. I'm still nursing though. I'm not going to cut him off if I'm...
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    Re: weaning almost 2yo...maybe?

    With my guys, at that stage of things, I would take those opportunities to just disappear for a while. I found they didn't really notice, and that was how I knew they were ready for me to back off...
  15. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Part of my problem is that LO won't take the bottle. I plan to put breastmilk in the bottle, but he'll only take 1oz, then he gets mad. I weighed him myself one month ago and found his growth...
  16. IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    My 10 month baby is IUGR - born at 37 weeks but looked like 34 (4lbs 14oz), now he is 14lbs. My doc has been concerned with weight gain all along. She told me to wean at 4 mos too. My LLL leader and...
  17. Ever tried introducing a soother to wean?

    My DS has never taken a soother. Now he is 18 months, I'm pregnant and out of milk. I want to wean but he is really reluctant. I'm wondering if I can get him to take a soother he may give up...
  18. Re: great sleeping newborn stopped sleep

    All my kids have sleep issues starting around 4 mos, and many of my friends kids. I don't know if it's teething or developmental, but after 4 kids, I've come to accept it! Now you just have to work...
  19. Re: Doctor's advice for everything - wean the baby!

    I agree. I just looked up the WHO BF baby chart, and she is actually 40th% not the doc's 10%. So I will cease all worry! She obviously eats enough. Even if not a lot. Besides all my kids are...
  20. Re: Doctor's advice for everything - wean the baby!

    Usually, I love my doc. She is one of the few in our area that is a GP and ob/gyn. I really like her child birth ideals and practices, and she is an awesome resource for latch advice during the...
  21. Doctor's advice for everything - wean the baby!

    So, I need to vent! I was at the doctor today, and asked her to check the baby for an ear infection. My DD (13 mos) has been nursing way too often in the last few days, and fussy. DS had and ear...
  22. Re: My 10 month old is not interested in solids....

    My middle son didn't eat solids consitantly until 14 mos.

    A couple things to consider though:

    1. your HV is probably treating Breast milk like juice. Too much juice is a poor replacement for...
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    Re: Stretching out Feedings

    we have a doc app't tomorrow so I'll ask
    Dh and I went out 6 hrs yesterday during the day and she did fine, so maybe more snacking will help.

    Ahh, night weaning . . . maybe it is needed....
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    Re: Stretching out Feedings

    I am experiencing the same thing with my DD (13 mos), and it's getting ridiculous! She's even up every hour at night. My DH is saying we should abruptly wean her, but I think we need to push...
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    Re: help!!

    Try not to worry about not having enough milk. Milk supply is based on demand. If you keep nursing the milk will keep coming. If baby is still asking to nurse, still growing, still peeing and...
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