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  1. Re: Introducing Nursing to a preschooler

    :lol nurse from the tap
    Thanks for the responses ladies, I will just offer it to her in a cup, she has had it before and likes it but she takes it like a shot and downs it really fast, dont' know...
  2. Introducing Nursing to a preschooler

    I hope this doesn't come off as an odd question but I figured here is the safest place to ask :o
    I am currently nursing my 7 1/2 month old and I have an almost 4 year old girl, I was only able to...
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    lopsided boobies

    I noticed after a day of cluster feeding that my left breast is now significantly smaller than my right one. I know this can be normal but does it mean that it is producing less milk? Do I need to...
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    Re: Efficient or lazy nurser?

    :D yay! This makes me so happy to hear! I had so many troubles with DD and her breastfeeding and had such a low supply (we got off to a rough start due to NICU stay and nipple confusion bc of it)...
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    Re: Efficient or lazy nurser?

    No spit up issues, 2 days in a row when my breasts were constantly full, he threw up I think from overeating but since then he hasn't done that. Every now and then he will get super fussy and move...
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    Efficient or lazy nurser?

    Hey there! I need some advice on my current nursing situation. LO is 1 week & 4 days old. He took to breastfeeding instantly, we only had to work on his latch a little bit before he got the hang of...
  7. Re: Super Algae for increasing milk supply?

    Thank you so much! :hug
    She is 3 months, will be 4 on dec 27th. I tried so many things to get her to re-latch but she would just scream and scream and it was making nursing a very stressful thing...
  8. Re: Super Algae for increasing milk supply?

    great! i'll start that tomorrow!

    I just bought my more milk plus from whole foods today so hopefully i will see results soon! I may not even need all of the extras I was planning on buying but I...
  9. Re: Super Algae for increasing milk supply?

    thanks! I'll look into the Bach Rescue Remedy.

    The power pumping, would I do that once a day? Or how many times do people usually do that per day ?
  10. Super Algae for increasing milk supply?

    Hey! I am desperate to get my milk supply up and I have decided to take everything I possibly can to increase my supply. I have been taking fenugreek about 3 capsules 3x/day and 1 reglan 1x/day and...
  11. Re: unsure how to regulate milk after OA lactation

    i read that sage and parsley are used to reduce milk supply and I know MotherLove who makes More Milk Plus sells a Sage Tincture.


    hope this helps :)
  12. Re: will fenugreek or alfalfa increase my supply???

    those look neat! thanks for letting me know! I'm going to check these out and hopefully she will not hate me for making her work for her milk again! haha

    Yeah, I'm definitely not looking...
  13. Re: will fenugreek or alfalfa increase my supply???

    Well, things are looking up a little bit, I have been pumping around 30mL in each breast every time now so I'm hoping that it will just get better from here. :clap

    I am still trying to get her to...
  14. Re: Switching between breast and bottle...

    I think that the stage 1 nipple is closer to nursing because the stage 2 is a def a faster flow and I can tell the difference when my daughter uses it.
    I use the Avent bottles too and I have not...
  15. Re: will fenugreek or alfalfa increase my supply???

    When I pump I feel like I am getting nothing. Last night I only pumped 10 ml in my left breast! This morning looked a whole lot better! I pumped 30 ml in my right breast and almost 30 ml in the left...
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    Re: Yay!!!!

    that's great!!!
    I was considering getting some more milk plus but now I think I've decided!

    keep it up! :hug
  17. Re: will fenugreek or alfalfa increase my supply???

    haha okay! thanks! Just let me know :)
    btw, I loveee the pic in your signature! So cute that they are making the same face!
  18. Re: will fenugreek or alfalfa increase my supply???

    if this offer stands for anyone, I'll take it :)

    I've been taking Fenugreek and can't really tell if there is any difference but I am now having to pump and I don't seem to be getting a lot even...
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    Re: Excema on nipples?

    A good thing to try is Arbonne's Baby Care line! My nephew had patches of excema on his face and when my sister in law used arbonne's baby oil and lotion on it daily it went away after a few days...
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    Baby on strike, need advice :(

    I am a new mother to a 11 week old baby girl. I am now having some trouble with getting her to breastfeed again since I believe she is having not "nipple confusion" but a "nipple preference" to...
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