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    Re: Nursing from one breast

    Yep, my LO only eats from the right side. I pump the left. It's due to flat/inverted nipples. I just didn't want to deal with the extra frustration on that side. I still need to use a shield on...
  2. How long do nursing strikes last?

    4 month old is on strike, I think due to teething....how long do strikes usually last? It's been about a week now.
  3. Re: 4m old won't nurse while awake

    I'm having the same problem withh my 4 month old too. In fact, that's the reason I got on the board today. She's been on strike for about a week now. She will only take the bottle (BM) and screams...
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    Re: Rescue Remedy?

    I've never used it for baby but I have used it myself, the round tin that has disks that you suck on. It's very mild and it just gives you a nice relaxed feeling. I actually first found out about...
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    Re: Help choosing a breast pump

    I have a Medela freestyle hands free one...I LOVE it. Although, I don't use the hands free part because I have to massage while pumping anyway, so why not just hold the bottle myself. I have...
  6. 3rd World Country - what if I get sick...BFing?

    So, my inlaws live in a 3rd world country. Every time I visit, I get sick. I'm so afraid to take our 4 month old there to see them in fear that she'll get sick.

    Do any of you have experience...
  7. 4 mo old - Nursing Strike - already use shield

    So, I already use a nipple shield due to flat/inverted nipples and baby has been taking a bottle of breast milk just fine since about 2 weeks old (due to low supply). I've never given her anything...
  8. Re: how to get better letdown without baby there?

    My LC recommended a quick shoulder massage and/or heating blanket. You can also rub up and down a doorway (faster let down).

    For increased supply, she recommended alternating between double...
  9. Losing weight - decrease milk??

    So, I went back to weight watchers last week and they gave me a hand out that said they recommend losing no more than 1 lb a week on average and that more could interfere with milk supply (decreasing...
  10. Re: how much expressed BM to give?

    My LO was eating around 18 - 20 oz a day at that age. I was pumping & bottle feeding due to low supply so I was tracking what I was getting and what I was feeding her. My supply was already...
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    Re: Support? What support?

    I'm sorry you didn't find the support you needed. I know how awful it can be when you are struggling and I had support, so I can't imagine what it must feel like without it.

    Is there any chance...
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    Re: frustrated and ashamed

    Any reason you couldn't pump and have your husband bottle feed the baby breastmilk? that will keep your supply up, keep your baby on breastmilk only and give you a break.

    I wasn't going to pump...
  13. Re: 13-week old -- is breastfeeding situation hopeless?

    You might also consider a nipple shield. I have to use one due to flat/inverted nipples but my baby easily goes between bottle, paci and breast. I too had a MAJOR supply issue at the beginning and...
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    Re: Lot's of Questions

    I'm not sure about the 1st part of your question, but I found that I get the most supply when pumping first thing in the morning. Also, you might try pumping 1/2 way between feedings for a few...
  15. Re: How Long can I use warmed breastmilk for?

    We have also followed the 2-3 hrs rule and it seems to be fine.
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    Re: Milk Warming Question

    I'm wondering the same. I have done this a few times when going out for stroller rides etc and didn't seem to have a problem but didn't use it if it had been out longer than 2-3 hrs.
  17. Re: 3 week old falls asleep nursing

    You might try taking off all of her clothing except for her diaper. I also had to blow on my LO's hair or tickle the back of her neck or thigh.
  18. Re: Is there a way to increase your breastmilk?

    I think your doctor gave you bad information.

    Have you tried pumping to see how much milk you are getting and then feed it to the baby to see how much he will take at a time. I had supply issues...
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