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    had to wean at 18 months...

    i was put on some medication that prevented me from bfing and my DH said that
    since we had been talking about weaning, now was a good time.
    DS took it well. only asked to nurse a few times and is...
  2. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    DS gets to nursing, then switches sides several times before sitting up, looking me in the face, then spitting milk everywhere. then laughs histerically over the whole thing. (i have no idea where he...
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    Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    thank you everyone for the support and tips. :hug
    so far the day has gone pretty much the same as most days past. only difference is that we both have a cold, so he fell asleep nursing this AM and i...
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    Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    oh yeah, i had mastitis and a blocked duck, at different times, this past year.. def. not fun so don't want to do that again
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    Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    thanks for the support and ideas. :hug
    he usually nurses about 5-6 times a day, depending on what we are doing or how he is feeling. if we are busy in town, he's content to miss a feeding and if...
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    i guess it's time to wean...

    my DS is 14 mos old and has been a happy nurser almost from day one. :cheer but now that he is older, he is easily distracted and sometimes will decide that nursing isn't what he wants to be doing. ...
  7. Re: So many questions! (supply, convienence)

    congratulations on the happy healthy baby!!
    if she is having the right amount of diapers and is gaining weight then she's getting enough to eat. or, as in the case of my son, getting longer but not...
  8. Re: newborn won't feed and no milk supply

    im wondering if the problem with the latching and sucking is due to tongue tie.
    can your LO stick out the tongue or move it up to the roof of the mouth?
    my milk took a week to come in, but i did...
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    Re: Thrush!

    my first LO had thrush that refused to go away for 2 months. i took diflucan, used nystatin on her and me and a few other pedi ideas. the only thing that finally worked was the GV. I used a Qtip to...
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    Re: No weight gain in 7 days

    I also have been having difficulties with weight gain with my son. He went from a birth weight of 8 lb 16oz to 7 lb 6oz in two weeks. I had been nursing him every 2-3 hrs and even tried pumping in...
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