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    What to do about a picky eater

    My 17 month old DS is still nursing a few times per day - he is in child care 4 days per week and on those days he nurses early in the AM and not again until I pick him up in the late afternoon/early...
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    Re: thrush at 15 months?

    Yup - you were right! DS had hand, foot and mouth (for the 3rd time - UGH!) and his latch was off which is what caused my nips to hurt!

    Thanks for your help in figuring this out!
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    thrush at 15 months?

    So I am still nursing my 15 month old son and recently nursing started to hurt - a lot! my nipples are really sore, and i thought it was just because AF was coming, but then I noticed that DS has...
  4. Nursing 13 MO and suddenly painful?

    Hi mamas!

    I have enjoyed a wonderful 13 month nursing relationship with my son but suddenly it has started to burn when I nurse - my nipples are really sensitive. I recently pump weaned (still...
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    Iron deficient anemia

    My DS is 12 months old and exclusively BF still (for the most part) He is hit or miss with solids - some days he will eat them, but most days he has no interest. I am trying to be patient, but it's...
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    Ready to get off the pump!

    My DS is one year old today and we are still enjoying an active nursing relationship. He is in child care 4 days/week and while we are apart I pump - usually once in the AM and once in the afternoon...
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    Re: How to increase pumping output?

    I have been pumping once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I nurse on demand through the night, at 8:15 AM, then pump around 10:30, then nurse around 12:30 then pump around 3:00 and nurse...
  8. When can I start freezing milk again?

    DS and I had thrush and were both treated (him with Nystatin orally and me with Diflucan orally) I also used a topical ointment for soreness from my midwife.

    I am still taking the Diflucan but DS...
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    How to increase pumping output?

    I have a 9 MO son who is in child care 4 days/week. I nurse him at drop off and at lunch time, but he takes a bottle of EBM in the morning and one in the afternoon. He usually takes about 4 oz at...
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    Re: Iron Deficiency and Supplements

    He will eat puffs (I get the organic ones that dissolve in his mouth) and occasionally a few peas or a few bites of sweet potato - but he is not very interested in them. He definitely does better...
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    Iron Deficiency and Supplements

    We just came from my son's 9 month appointment where they checked his hemoglobin levels and told me that he is slightly anemic. (they wanted the level to be above 12.0 and it was 9.9) The doc wrote...
  12. Night nursing, co-sleeping and 8 month old

    I just came from an extremely frustrating appt with my son's pediatrician. He had an ear infection and this was just a check up to make sure all was clear - and it was. BUT my husband was there...
  13. 8 months old and still no interest in solids

    My DS just turned 8 months old and still has no interest in solids. I have tried pieces of soft food, pureed baby food, all kinds of fruits, veggies, etc and he is not interested. He is a very...
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    Domperidone and weight gain

    I took dom in order to increase my supply and it worked really well (YAY!) I have just weaned off of it and my baby is doing well but I realized that I gained close to 20 lbs while taking it.

  15. Help with weaning from supplements

    My son is almost 8 weeks old and was born at 36 weeks gestation. We had lots of nursing issues in the beginning because he had a posterior tongue tie. (Also used a nipple shield for awhile because...
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    Re: No BM in almost 5 days

    Don't worry - our son had the same problem...after he passed the meconium he waited 6 days until he pooped. He was wetting diapers and the pediatrician said that as long as he continued to eat and...
  17. Re: Tongue-tie snipped yesterday and domperidone

    Thanks for all of the comments. I am hoping that the soreness will heal soon...today was a little bit better so I am praying that things continue to improve.

    While my son has plenty of wet and...
  18. Re: Tongue-tie snipped yesterday and domperidone

    I wouldn't say that my milk supply is "that low" - but I am a first time mom so I really don't know. My son is 6 weeks and 1 day old. When I pump I typically get about 1.5 ounces out of each breast...
  19. Tongue-tie snipped yesterday and domperidone

    After multiple evaluations, we finally had my son's posterior tongue tie clipped yesterday. I also was told to start taking domperidone and supplement with formula. (We saw a woman who is a...
  20. Re: 5 week old not gaining weight/nipple shield - UPDATE

    We went back to the pediatrician on Monday and my son's weight was only 7.3 oz. (at five weeks) She didn't seem concerned about his slow weight gain, but did refer to us to an ENT for what she...
  21. Re: 5 week old not gaining weight/nipple shield

    Thank you all for your comments and support! The LC I used is IBCLC certified and she also suggested having the frenulum clipped, but didn't think it was necessary 'yet'. I am certainly not opposed...
  22. Re: 5 week old not gaining weight/nipple shield

    I forgot to mention that he is peeing lots and only poops once per day but it is a BIG poop - filling and oozing out of his diaper. Some days I might get two poops, but never more than that. I am...
  23. 5 week old not gaining weight/nipple shield

    My son was born "near term" at 36 weeks and lost 12% of his birth weight within 4 days. (He went from 6 lbs 3 oz down to 5 lbs 7 oz) The pediatrician immediately wanted me to supplement with...
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