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  1. Re: Help! Desperate because son won't stop biting

    Thanks so much for your support! My son is now 13 1/2 months old and he rarely bites me anymore. I never did find a way to have him not bite me, but it seems that it was just a phase. He had a...
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    Re: Just feeding baby off my plate??

    My son just turned one year old last week and I have never fed him jarred baby food. It's so easy just to mash up a sweet potato, or puree some cooked carrots, etc., plus it is much better for them....
  3. Help! Desperate because son won't stop biting

    My son is almost one year (3/14) and we have been nursing happily these 11 1/2 months. I plan to continue nursing him for some time (I have no idea how long, we'll figure it out as we go). However, I...
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    Re: What to do after one year?

    Thank you so much for your replies! :) My son already drinks juice and water from a sippy cup. I guess I just didn't know how to transition him from taking the EBM from the bottle to the sippy cup. I...
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    What to do after one year?

    My son is 11 months old. I plan to continue breastfeeding him for some time still. I'm wondering how to wean him from bottles while he is at day care. Should I continue to pump and have the...
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