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  1. Re: baby is 4 weeks strictly formula fed but want to breastf

    Lots of my family are doctors and work in pharmaceutical industry and they certainly are not engaged in any kind of conspiracy to keep people sick. Very much the opposite. Though pharma companies...
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    Re: Return of Fertility?

    The average for return of period in bf mothers is 14 months. It makes sense because two year gaps between pregnancies is ideal in terms of recovery for Mammy. Some people supplement to encourage...
  3. Re: Night-time advice for a weekend without boob

    Thanks all. It's actually DH that'll be minding him. He slept with him in another room a few nights after I posted here and he was fine. Much to my shock and delight! I was obviously giving my boobs...
  4. Re: 14 month old "forgetting" how to sleep without nursing?

    I have a 14 month old too. We did change his sleep associations a few months back but have reneged on that since; he still likes nursing to sleep and often won't accept anything else when I'm there....
  5. Night-time advice for a weekend without boob

    Hi there,
    I'm going away for a weekend when ds is 16 months in 2 months time. We co-sleep. I've left him overnight before with a family member and she co-slept with him but leading up to that we...
  6. Re: 8 Months Pregnant--To Wean or Not to Wean my 22 Month Ol

    I've heard of a toddler who weaned 3 months before the arrival of the second baba but relatched when he saw the newborn feeding. It mightn't be worth your while or energy fully weaning but you could...
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    Re: "Extended Breastfeeding" Statistics?

    I don't think there are any, it's so rare in the Western world. Pediatricians or PHNs/ PHVs ask when they know their numbers will be calibrated so it depends what figures whichever health service is...
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