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    Letdown and pumping problem

    Hi. I am currently breastfeeding my almost 1 month lo and we have not had any real issues with milk supply once my milk came in. :) but I have started pumping to build up a supply in case I need to...
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    Re: LO nursing for short periods

    Hey! Thanks for your reply! I am nursing her approx every 1-3 hours. She is a sleeper and in the beginning she would sleep and sleep, I would have to wake her for feedings. Now she is pretty...
  3. Re: Difficulties pumping-- letdown?

    I have a Medela Pump in Style, double pump, but I usually don't double pump.

    I will try the baby tips. and more skin to skin! :) Thank you!!
  4. Re: Difficulties pumping-- letdown?

    How often do you pump and feed? Each time? I was doing it in the morning hours (7-1p) depending on how awake my LO was.


    Do you then in turn, switch feedings from each breast each time you...
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    LO nursing for short periods

    Hi everyone. My LO (almost 4 weeks) only nurses for 5-15 minutes per sitting. She tends to wake up, nurse for a bit, then fall asleep. I have been timing her and she nurses no longer than 15...
  6. Difficulties pumping-- letdown?

    I am exclusively breast feeding my almost a month old daughter and I have not been pumping very much. My husband would like to start giving her a bottle and we need to stock up in case we need to...
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