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    how do I increase milk?

    My baby girl and I, have been going strong with nursing since day 1. However, my situation has changed at home and I can't always nurse the same hours. I try to keep her on her schedule,but sometimes...
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    Sore, soar Nipples HELP!!!

    My Baby girl is 21 mos old and has always EBF. Just recently the last week and half my nipples are beyond sore and hurt to the touch. I don't know why.

    What does this mean. My daughter is still...
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    Re: Will only nap on boob

    I'm currently in this position. My baby girl is 19 months and has never napped without me holding her nursing on her boob. Get use to it. I've sat for 1-3 hours well she sleeps. Just remember this...
  4. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Omg, too funny. My baby girl finds it so funny she literally cracks up laughing :roflwhen she finds her papa ( aka boobs ). She will poke at my nipple and say papa and laugh. :poke

    Or now she...
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    Re: Mirena IUD and breastfeeding

    Hello mamas. My princesses is 9 months old and doing wonderfully. After giving birth to my angel, I bleed my whole 6 weeks. After having my 6 week check-up about 2 days later it stopped. I scheduled...
  6. Re: Nursing to Sleep and Dental Care

    This would be crazy if we had to brush after every nursing session. Like the other mama said if baby has concern for enamel defects or evidence of tooth decay then yes, but don't make life harder....
  7. Re: Need a little reassurance - I know I'm being silly...

    Momma you are not being silly by asking a question of concern. I will tell you once babies hit 6 months it seems they are distracted with every sound or object. Especially if her siblings or daddy...
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