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  1. Re: Suspect Thrush and totally demoralized!

    Thanks for the advice everyone! It's been two weeks and it's cleared up on dd but it's in my ducts for sure now! This kind of pain is not fun! I am trying to get diflucan, but can't seem to find...
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    Re: Pink poop, I'm worried!

    I've read that sometimes if your LO is allergic to something, the first few days you cut it out can cause an increase in symptoms. I don't know if this is what's happening or if this is even true...
  3. Re: Suspect Thrush and totally demoralized!

    thanks so much for all your help! i woke up today feeling much better! i do have a few more questions though:

    when i originally called my pedi they just said to do antifungal cream on my breasts...
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    Re: Pink poop, I'm worried!

    are you giving your LO vitamin drops? that happened to my dd when I gave her vitamins -- it was a strange pink color and it smelled funny too! i could time it exactly to when i gave her the...
  5. Re: Suspect Thrush and totally demoralized!

    No antibiotics, however she did bite me and it bled. I think that paired with a wet nursing pad probably did it.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement! I have never had a problem with yeast...
  6. Suspect Thrush and totally demoralized!

    I think we have thrush, but I'm not sure.

    DD is 9 mo and has a diaper rash that looks like a bunch of small red circles. Not common for her. She has no other symptoms

    My left nipple and...
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    Want to pump baby is 6 mo

    DH gets a free 2 day, 1 night trip with work and I'm dying to go! (and leave LO with BM with the grandparents)

    Problem is that it's in a month and baby is 6 months old and has never had anything...
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    Allergy or OS/OALD

    I apologize for being another post about green poop but I have spent hours reading forums here and nothing seems to be working!

    My LO is 8 weeks today. For about 3 weeks now she’s had green...
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