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    Re: weaning after 3 years

    My son went through a similar thing at 3.5 years. He was nursing less and less, down to once a day if that. It was the last session before sleep at night. He would do what your son does which is...
  2. Re: Self-Weaning at 3.5-years; how to say goodbye?

    I truly think that is so cute. I have no clue how my son might respond to something like that… I think he'd either like it a LOT or else think that I was a bit nutty for giving it to him. I admit...
  3. Re: Self-Weaning at 3.5-years; how to say goodbye?

    eve, I like the idea of a special toy, too, though I'm honestly stumped on what to give him. Last year he received these sweet nursing kittens...
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    Re: So bittersweet.......

    Your little son is indeed a lucky guy. Such a sweet journey you've had together. Saying goodbye to the nursing relationship can definitely be a challenge… Both good and bad in so many ways. :)
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    Re: Almost to the 2 year mark... :)

    Congratulations! Making it to 2 is a big deal. :) I hope that you and your son continue to have a wonderful breastfeeding journey together and that the giggles keep coming.
  6. Re: Self-Weaning at 3.5-years; how to say goodbye?

    Interesting idea, Mommal. He might really enjoy that. :)

    Krystine, I think that is adorable that your daughter still talks about it. I am glad to hear it as I have been wondering if it will...
  7. Self-Weaning at 3.5-years; how to say goodbye?

    We are finally at the "officially weaned" stage of our breastfeeding journey. My twins have nursed since they were born and they are 3.5-years old now. It's tough saying goodbye to nursing! But I...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and mom's weight

    It was my doc who actually suggested that I (and other breastfeeding mothers) stay on prenatals so long as I am nursing, so it couldn't hurt to try! :) Good luck.
  9. Re: Healing bite on nipple? And how to stop biting?

    I am so sorry that you have been bitten! It's really no fun. My daughter would chomp on me regularly when she was very tiny and I spent 2 months with cuts and blood. I used olive oil regularly to...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and mom's weight

    I have continued prenatal vitamins. A lot of grocery chains with a pharmacy and drug stores (though more usually grocery chains) are offering them for free now with a prescription from your doc. ...
  11. Re: Transition from bottle to breast after NICU - how long?

    My b/g twins are 3.5-years now and my daughter really struggled. Before giving birth I had been determined to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months. We were not in the NICU, but my little girl just...
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    Re: Ready for the long haul

    Ditto to much of what has been said. I definitely would recommend having your thyroid checked out.

    By 2-years, my twins were nursing about 3 times a day: after waking, before nap, and before bed....
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    Re: Qs re night nursing 2yr old

    Hi Enumma! It sounds like you are having some busy nights.

    By age 2 it's often possible to talk with children to try and figure out what is up. When you say "food issue" concerns, can you please...
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    Re: I'm so proud

    How wonderful!! You should be SO proud of you and your little man!
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    Re: Unweaning. Is it possible?

    :ita ! It's definitely worth trying to get in ASAP to see your pediatrician. And, if you don't have a good vibe from that doctor or really feel that s/he won't understand, it certainly couldn't...
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    Re: Memory Keeping - for New Beginnings

    I have a small wall calendar in our bathroom. As hubby and I are getting ready to start our day or go to bed, we see the calendar and it helps to remind us to think about any "firsts" that may have...
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    Re: Unweaning. Is it possible?

    Wow, what a story! I don't have a lot of advice to offer, mostly just a :hug.

    I will say though that I have successfully put a baby back to the breast. My daughter stopped breastfeeding at 2...
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    Re: Undigested food in stool

    Yeah, there's a lot of food that our LOs just cannot quite digest yet... We often see many whole or barely scuffed-seeming foods come right out the other end! Grapes (aka. raisins originally...
  19. Re: baby won't "root" anymore. won't open mouth wide enough!

    I just have to agree with you about how adorable rooting is! :love It just makes your heart melt... Before anything else, I want to send a :hug your way because I know how hard and frustrating this...
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    Re: a whole host of issues

    It sounds a lot like routine disruption and teething to me. Perhaps sickness: I'd get him checked out just to be sure.

    And don't you hate it when your normally charming baby turns into a pod...
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    Re: Length of time at breast, misc.

    Sounds like everything is going well! If you pump, I think you'll definitely have extra milk, but you could always build up a nice stash. :)

    I've only ever (except less than 5 times total) fed my...
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    Re: One breast "snacks" at night?

    You can do this, mama! As a PP asked, have you tried nursing laying down? If you can lay down with your son and let him nurse while you doze, it might make life so much easier (or at least enough...
  23. Re: Solids struggle with my 10mo special needs baby

    My twins didn't really do much more than play with solids until they were a year; nursing was (and is) the preferred method of dining! It sounds like your daughter is doing great. As was said, if...
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    Re: She latched! She latched!!

    One atep at a time! So glad she latched for you! :)

    I had OS and OALD early on, and my daughter would clamp down or pop off sometimes because it was just too much for her. I don't have any...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    When your 19-month old hums a song to himself and be-bops his whole body while nursing down for his nap. :) (Yes, he did really put himself to sleep while humming and dancing!)

    When your other...
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