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  1. Re: Rash on breasts? Need help please.

    A little update...and more problems

    I have been using the cream now for 3 days, along with rinsing using the 50%vinegar 50% water rinse they suggest. I change my clothing with every...
  2. Rash on breasts? Need help please.

    I have been experiencing a rash on my right breast for the last two weeks or so....it goes from the inside curve of my breast to the underside and the up...like a U shape almost.

    At my 6week CU...
  3. Left side is not getting as full as right side?

    For the last two days I have had an odd experience, where my left breast is not getting full at all after feedings, but my right side is getting engorged. :shrug

    My bb is 4 1/2 weeks old and we...
  4. Re: questions about noises / feeding

    Well, my ped explained his reason as her eating so much she might become 'bloated' and have a hard time getting all that food/gas through contently. However, he also said there is just as good of a...
  5. questions about noises / feeding

    My daughter is approaching 3 weeks old, and it seems like the past few days she has been unusually gassy (lots of grunting, leg kicking/stretching/fussiness) as well as when I put her down to sleep,...
  6. Re: Breastfeeding causing irritation...."there"?

    no, I did not receive any meds or interventions. It was all natural. It sort of 'comes and goes'....which leaves me wondering if it just the healing process? someone suggested Atrophic vaginitis?...
  7. Breastfeeding causing irritation...."there"?

    I am currently 2 weeks into BF my bbgirl and over the past week have been having some serious pain and discomfort 'down below'. I did not suffer any tearing during birth, so I know that is not the...
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    Re: Swollen underarms during BF?

    Thank you so much. Everything else I found said to use WARM compresses, not cold, so last night I did the cool, as it states on that help page and WOW! What a difference!

    You're a life saver:hug
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    Swollen underarms during BF?

    Hello, I am a first time mommy, my daughter is just 1 week old and when my milk came in, my under arm on my right side became severely swollen and hard. My midwife suggested it was just my lymph...
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