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  1. Re: just home from the hospital...to a barrel of problems

    Congratulations on your new baby!

    This is such a common problem!! Many moms have a little trouble with latching once their milk comes in. I agree with the other suggestions - expressing or...
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    Re: Sore breasts . . . Engorgement?

    Hello and congratulations on your new little one!

    It's not at all uncommon for brand new moms to have quite a lot of milk when it first comes in. It's your body's way of making sure you will have...
  3. Re: wont eat unless food is compleatly blended

    At that age, mine didn't want a lot of texture either. Things had to be pretty smooth. He eventually got used to more and more texture, and eventually accepted a bigger variety of foods. I agree...
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    Re: He won't take solids!

    Some babies really don't like baby food and just want FOOD! But, some just aren't really ready at 6-7 months, and that's fine too. :) It's ok to back off a bit and try again later! It sounds like...
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    Re: Ouch! Teeth help NOW!

    I was also going to suggest that you try to get her to take a deeper latch, because then your nipple will be way back at the back of her mouth, nowhere near the teeth. When my son was getting his...
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    Re: Very smelly

    It's stinky toddler pee! My son is 17 months old and his pee can be pretty stinky too. Do you use cloth diapers? Sometimes if you have detergent buildup on your cloth it can make pee REALLY stink...
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    Re: weird dr's advice

    My son, who is 16 months old, hast JUST NOW gotten to where he nurses about every 4 hours during the day!! I agree with all the previous posts! Many doctors are sadly misinformed about...
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    Re: My boob man...

    In my experience, he will eat more food when he is ready! Eventually he won't be able to resist grabbing a bite or two off your plate for a taste. :) Until then, you can offer, but he is really...
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    Re: introducing cow's milk

    I really love almond milk!! The only thing is that you need to be sure your child is not allergic to tree nuts. Tree nuts are a common allergen so proceed with caution! I find it really tasty...
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    Re: Baby quit drinking milk


    I think we will be able to help you... but first, could you tell us which direction you would like to go? If you want to continue nursing, you can still make milk for your baby. The...
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    Re: getting through teething

    While it is true that many moms get discouraged when their baby starts teething, it is definitely possible to nurse through teething! I am currently nursing my 16 month old son and many moms nurse...
  12. Re: Vetrans - do tell . . .how do you do it????

    Hello Dianna,

    I am currently nursing a 16 month old! I can promise you, things WILL get better. 11 weeks is still SO little, his needs will change so much over the next couple of months. I...
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    Re: Really extended

    I too have a friend whose son nursed until he was 4. He can tell you "I nursed at my mom's breast until I was 4!" He is a very intelligent, outgoing child who is a pleasure to be around. (He is...
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    Re: One breast larger than the other

    I think it is pretty normal for babies to look like they are sucking in their sleep. My son has done that and I've seen other babies do that too! I think it is adorable. :)
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    Re: One breast larger than the other

    Hello Sarah and congratulations on your new baby!

    Many women have one breast that is bigger than the other. The size does not necessarily have anything to do with how well it produces milk so...
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    Re: Your first exposure to ENing?

    I have a good friend who nursed one of her sons until he was 4!! She told me this long before I ever became a mom, and although I said "Wow!" my thought was "OK I don't know how I feel about that,...
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    Re: Safe Sleep Aids?

    My doctor has OK'd Unisom (which is an over the counter antihistamine) and melatonin, which is a supplement to a hormone our bodies make anyway. Both have helped me quite a bit.

    Also, stop...
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    Re: New and ned help - PLEASE

    Hello Jenn and congratulations on your new daughter! I can't answer all of your questions but I can try to help you with a few of them!

    About the thrush, you can help eliminate it by avoiding...
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    Re: pacifiers?

    We gave DS a paci when he was about 10 days old. I had overactive let down and any amount of sucking on me would result in him drowning in milk! He was sucking on our fingers a lot too. I figured...
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    Re: Teeth, ouch!


    I went through a similar situation with my son when he started getting teeth around 7 months old. One thing I found helpful was to stop him before he could bite me. If you watch, you will...
  21. Re: Northeast Wisconsin/Upper Michigan groups?

    I know there is a LLL group in the Copper Country (Hancock I think) but that is a pretty long drive for you. I used to live up there. :) I was really happy to hear that there is a LLL group in...
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    Re: Nipple Soreness

    When my son was born, his latch was a bit off and I got cracked nipples. I could not see them well at first, but once the LC pointed them out to me, I could. Also I found out that it only takes one...
  23. 14 months old and still not THAT crazy about food?

    My son is 14 months old and LOVES his nursies. We started solids at 6 months and progressed things rather slowly but steadily from there. He is healthy and growing fine, developing fine too, he...
  24. Re: When did you stop leaking if you had oversupply?

    I stopped leaking when my son was around 9 months old. Before that I leaked so much that I would drench through a cloth pad in no time and the only thing that would stop my clothes from getting...
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    Re: When did your child start solids?

    My son is 14 months old now and we started solids at 6 months. We made it kind of like a party, a special day... I mixed organic brown rice cereal with my milk and fed it to him with a spoon. He...
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